Trail Mix

On with the nutty, mixed-up, crunchy, munchy life I lead…

  • My mom’s birthday is today. Yeah mom!
  • A friend of mine and her sweet family are making a great journey to South Africa today.
  • We still haven’t celebrated my son’s birthday which was Sunday. Probably will do that for lunch.
  • Took all four kids to the dentist yesterday. Only one cavity in one of their mouths – pretty good.
  • Made a dentist appointment for me for next Wednesday. I want to do that whitening thing.
  • Kids have 6 weeks left of the school year after we finish this week. Yipee!
  • Any day now a friend here is going to have her baby. So exciting!
  • Yesterday DaRonn looked at a perfect home for our orphanage to be moved to.
  • My husband has been blogging and been on Facebook more lately. It has been fun.
  • Running is going great. Some pants that used to be tight are too big for me. It is a good feeling.

11 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. My daughter, who is 3, thinks everyday is her birthday. Litterally, everyday we “celebrate” her birthday with song or some sort of discussion. You’d think it would spoil the surprise when the day arrives, but it won’t. She’ll be thrilled. Fun celebrating people, isn’t it!


  2. way to go on the whitening. i’ve always wanted to do that… and congrats on loose pants – such a great feeling, eh?! i can’t wait to feel that again! when amy gets here we’re committed to being “kitties in training” — which is our code for going walking together!!

  3. Not to mention that your husband is going to Argentina for a week next week and you have to finish the second season of prison break before he goes.

  4. haha. :) DaRonn’s comment made me smile. :) Hubbies are so funny and lovable sometimes, aren’t they? Okay. More than sometimes.

    Yeah on the losing weight!! (Are you shipping it up here? I need to get back on the wagon.)

    Teeth whitening … I’ve been thinking of this so much myself. I did the Crest thing shortly after they first came out, with pretty good success. I’d love to have it done at a dentist – but they’re so expensive. My teeth have a case of the dingies. :)

  5. Wow thanks for the Trail Mix! Birthdays are fun and I can relate to Roxx, My daughter turned three a year minus 2 weeks ago and EVERYONE’s birthday was hers too. On the 23rd we have to finally give her, her 4th birthday, she and I can’t wait!

    Wow, did your dentist visits convict me. We so need to raise to get us 4 to the dentist. This kids need to go and I haven’t been in years!!!

    So glad you’re body is toning up! notice i didnt say loose weight, do NOT get on the scale, your clothes will tell you and sounds like you have success in the pants! woowoo

    thanks for the encouragement!

  6. Oh how exciting things sound! AND a possible move for the Dreamers!! Oh fun! I sure hope it’s still close by!!

    Congrats on the pants and school ALMOST being over…I’m envious of both!

    Big hugs!

  7. @Libby Lu – It is about 15 to the West of where we are now. Do please be praying over the whole process.

    @Jackie – Kids are the best! We did the cake today and we had to relight the candles after he blew them out the first time because he had so much fun blowing them out.

    @Annie – I haven’t seen the Crest whitening things available down here. Another person mentioned them on my Facebook blog feed and my sister uses them every once in a while with good success too. Dentists are pretty cheap here.

    @Thumbuddy – It is a good week.

    @Babe – Do you think we can make it happen? ;-)

    @Alece – The kitties are going to be climbing Mt. Everest – yeah! :-)

    @Roxx – We have friends with a three year old that has to sing Happy Birthday everyday and then blow out imaginary candles. So much fun celebrating people! :-)

  8. Hi @ngie, I love your trail mixes, hearing about all the things you’re all up to :) Good on you re the loose pants and keeping up with your running. Has it become easier? Can you run for longer and not feel that it’s hard work?

  9. @Birgit – Thanks for the ‘good on you’. :-) You made me smile. It has become easier. We haven’t increased our time or distance yet; but when I come home I do sit-ups now so that is good.

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