You may be so enthralled by the inspiring political campaigns full of integrity and hope for the new leadership of the great United States of America that you may not have even noticed what is happening in Bolivia right now. Understanding that I have an international readership I find it necessary to clarify that my opening sentence is dripping with sarcasm.

Usually the weekly protests, blockades, and strikes don’t make it into my posts. This is not a political blog, the turmoil is so common place it would get monotonous describing everything and finally because I am just flat out bored of it all.

Still you may have seen or heard a bit because the problems have heightened resulting in eight deaths this last week and the subsequent act of the Bolivian president kicking out the U.S. ambassador. Usually when the people make their views known publicly there are some injuries and nothing more. These deaths are disconcerting. You can do a news search on CNN or your online source of choice to know more details.

We are fine. Cochabmaba, the city we are in, is feeling the economic effects more than anything. If you think of it you can pray. You might ask how to pray. That is a great question that I find myself struggling to answer in my desire to not take political sides and stay focused with my task at hand. Here is my best attempt at giving you some direction.

  • No more deaths due to political altercations
  • God’s kingdom come, His will be done
  • Leaders of Bolivia making wise decisions
  • For our family and the people we minister to and with: safety, provision and wisdom
  • The church of Bolivia to be a strong light of hope and peace

Thank you.


13 thoughts on “Politics

  1. I have already been praying as such…I heard the news on the radio and knew you were safe due to the “crisis” actually taking place in La Paz. It’s a little disconcerting to hear they’ve kicked out the US Ambassador…I pray they are allowed back quickly!! Will continue to pray for your safety and provision for all those you know and love in Bolivia!!

  2. Thank you all for your prayers and concern.

    @Carin – La Paz is affected as well as Santa Cruz and the Pando region.

    @Annie – The politics in the States really doesn’t have anything to do with the turmoil down here.

  3. Yep, been thinking of you all since we saw it in the news… Just finally getting a post too you. Praying for the exact things you have listed, know I am praying for you (as I am in Guatemala).

    Thanks for your post, I have wondered how you are doing! *hugs*


  4. wow, @. are you alright?

    i also dont’ get to the news too often, so i didnt realize this either. i’m trying to get better at keeping up with events outside of diapers. sad, i know.

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