To the Silver Sea

Mar del Plata (Silver Sea), Argentina is the final destination for my dear husband today. He will be gone until the following Tuesday. We are going to miss him so much! We are hoping to keep busy for these eight days so the time flies. Aside from home-schooling, managing my house, and caring for my kids I have three messages to prepare, women’s meeting to get ready for and some articles that need written. Please pray for all of us; the kids especially. This is an important time for DaRonn to be helping the pastors of Argentina. The anticipation is great and the expectations high.

You can follow his trip on his blog: You can leave him a comment to let him know that you stopped by. He already has his first trip post up about his Brazilian American breakfast in Bolivia.

click the pic. to visit hs blog
click the pic. to visit his blog

I love my man! I am so proud of his giving heart and passion for people. I love you DaRonn! Thanks for the note on my mirror, you made me laugh.


13 thoughts on “To the Silver Sea

  1. talk about link love. sheesh! get a room! :-)

    it’s wonderful to see how much you love (and are proud of!) your man. i pray all goes well in argentina and back at home base!

  2. Gimmine crickets it must of took you FOREVER to do all those links. Too bad none of ’em work!! JUST KIDDING!!! hahahaha!!! Or I could tell ya that just one of them doesn’t work…but then again I would be joking cuz I didn’t try them all!!! guess you could say I’m in a silly mood!!

    I will pray that you will find the time to complete your projects while taking superb care of your chicklets and that you’ll busy enough that you don’t miss hubby TOO MUCH! Although, who likes sleeping in an empty bed?? It’s just too cold!!

    Hang tough my friend!

  3. Well, I visited your hubby’s blog … I like it! I might have to make him a regular. (I’m just slow making the rounds.) His picture at the top looks SO much like … Raimey? Gracious. Well, I’m not sure of the spelling, or if I’ve got the right kid. But he looks SO much like one of them. :oops: Will keep you in prayer, friend. You have got your hands full.

  4. lemons – hard pressed – lemonade! :-)

    Not everything will get done… or at least not all done well. You know what I mean? Like a couple days off of homeschooling doesn’t hurt. etc.

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