When Life Gives You…

The old adage goes, “When life gives you lemons make lemonade.” In lieu of a lemony day coming, finally, to a close I have some more observations.

When life gives you a two year old being very much a two year old… make him laugh and tickle him lots.

When life gives you piles of laundry… make Toby Mac sing to you while you tackle it and your kids will come to dance and keep you entertained.

When life gives you the demand of yet another meal to cook at the end of a trying day … make hot-dogs; need I say more?

When life gives you a country in turmoil… make light of it to distill fears; but you better make sure you are praying too.

When life gives you solitude… make time for a good read and a nice nap, the dishes will wait.

When life gives you a freezer in desperate need of defrosting… make flavored icees with straws and see your children smile.

When life gives you Mondays… make it through and hope for a better day.


20 thoughts on “When Life Gives You…

  1. Liked the post. Heard it takes as much energy to have a good day as a bad day. Glad you put the energy in to have a good day.

    Love you, DaRonn

  2. this is a great post. one i’ll have to remember. thanks for sharing it. and way to make good choices and inspire us to do the same.

  3. Oh yeah! Next time my seven-year-old son is singing loud songs about poo, my clients are phoning every five minutes, and I can’t think of what to cook for dinner — hot dogs!

    Great post @ngie!! Made me smile lots.

  4. @Natalie – my thoughts exactly

    @Mom – thanks for the vote of confidence

    @Amy – the outlook was forced… but we do what we gotta right?

    @Carin – Toby does the trick for me when I need a kick in the pants

    @Thumbuddy – I was feeling very uninspiring at the writing of this; but I am glad that you liked it

    @Annie – genius eh? I don’t know about that one … survival of the fittest when you are outnumbered 7 to one (I am counting the 3 pets hee hee hee) is more like it

    @sheep – Welcome! Thanks for leaving a comment, I hope to see you around here again soon. :-) What is it with boys and bodily functions, eh?

  5. although it’s not somehing i do often, due to the lack of a stereo in our living area, playing lively music during chore time can be very uplifting for us too. my kids even clean their rooms better to music :)

  6. Okay, okay….school is consuming way too much time! And it’s not leaving me any time to read blogs! Oh goodness!
    Yeah instead of singing,”I was made to love you,” you can sing, “I was made to fold you.” :)

  7. Hi Angie…Coffeegirl wanted me to contact you (she’s away from the Internet right now) and let you know that she has placed you on her blog roll…she looks forward to seeing more of you on her blog and hopes that many new friends will come your way too.
    Blessings to you, Cindy Blomquist, Women of the Harvest

  8. @Amy Ellison – I have noticed that music helps for chore time with my kids too.

    @Brandy – Your new rendition of that T.M. song made me laugh out loud. :-D Ha!

    @Cindy – I appreciate it.

    @Roxx – I’ll be stopping there next. no worries. :-)

    @Steven – Thank you for your prayers. About the politics… don’t even get me started.

  9. Ah Ang! I absolutely love your outlook on things! And hotdogs sound like the perfect din-din…that or Mac N Cheese…but maybe you can’t get that in Bolvia (and what a crying shame if you can’t!!!!).

    I hope today was brighter…it’s been nice and sunny here and perfect in the 70s!! Ahhhh…to have time to fetch a blanket and a book, or go for a bike ride. Maybe if the sun’s still up when I’m done with my meeting!

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