Trail Mix

On with the nutty, mixed-up, crunchy, munchy life I lead…

  • Three and a half days until I have my hubby in my arms again
  • There is a great big brand new grocery store in town with tons of imported goods
  • Sunday is Bolivia’s equivalent to Valentine’s Day called “El Dia del Amor”
  • My kids had four different ‘maids’ (as Timothy put it) today
  • First, the gal who is helping me with home-school
  • Second, the baby-sitter who was here while I went to have coffee and laugh ’til I cried more than once about stripey pants and wal-mart customers with my ‘Caffinaries’ (my missionary girl-friends). I love you girls!!!
  • Third, our regular house-keeper who was here while I went out to lunch to introduce a friend to sushi for the first time in her life; and she liked it! Yeah – I finally have a sushi buddy!
  • Fourth, a friend from church watched the kids while I got to attend the labor of another friend of mine

It was an amazing miracle to see occur! Thinking over the whole experience has me decided that one of the most fascinating professions is midwifery. I think I would totally get doing into that. I wonder what training it takes to become a midwife?


17 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. Funny you should say that dear Angie!

    I just love midwifery – in NZ you do a bachelor of midwifery at university (three years). Here I think about 78% of women have midwives as their lead maternity carer and midwives work as autonomous health professionals (lol) :) I was at a beautiful birth in the wee small hours of Thursday morning…there is nothing like it!

    Re the new grocery store: it seems to be quite the talk of the town as a couple of blogs and a friend have mentioned it already!

  2. @Alece – me too! I am waiting to go until DaRonn gets back to make an event of it. :-)

    @Katrina – Yes, the grocery store is a nice diversion from the political stress right now. Thanks for the info on midwifery in NZ – fascinating!

  3. what a fun handful of mix! I’m excited for you about the grocery store… sometimes some imported goods are just what the Dr. ordered!!

  4. I have to go try out the grocery store… probably will wait until payday so I don’t do major damage to the monthly budget :) It was so good to see you yesterday! I put the stripey pants on to sleep last night and Gary said… seriously, she was going to run in those?… men, they just don’t get the impact of the eternally long inside joke :) and I can completely see you being a midwife! The one I went to see while I was back in the states was wonderful, what a great career, bringing life into the world, and nurturing the mommy at the same time :) Two great gift of yours!

  5. @Amy – It is amazing the elation that overcomes me when I see something familiar in the grocery store. Whereas I would not actually pay $20 for a regular sized box of Cheerios it is still nice to see it and know it is there. :-)

    @Laura – Aaww – you are sweet! I feel so privileged that I was there! :-) You can tell Gary that there is nothing serious about those stripey pant – they are just pure fun and comfort. :-)

  6. I am SO with you on the whole midwifery thing. I have always thought it would be one of the most amazing professions. I had one with my last kid, and LOVED it. It made everything about the whole process SO much better.

    To answer your question on what you have to do to become one. Try nursing degree, then 2-3 more more years of school to be able to be a midwife on top of that. I have looked into it and was looking at a loooooooong time in school. ;)

  7. It sounds like you’ve been having a great time recently @ngie going out for coffees and for sushi with your friends, so good :) It’s also really great that DaRonn will be home soon too, hope the trip has gone well for him.
    Midwifery would be amazing work – it’s so good you had the opportunity to be with your friend during her labour, and that this has opened a whole new possibility for you. Let us know how things unfold :)

  8. @Rachel – Hi you! So it is a lengthy endeavor… but I am sure it is all worth it. Thanks for the info. :-)

    @Birgit – I really have had a great time. I will be sure to keep you posted. :-)

  9. @Danielle – you may or may not know that shopping is not one of my most favorite things – but DaRonn loves to shop. So it only makes sense, ya’ know. :-)

  10. Surely birthing 4 of your own children earns you at least some MAJOR credit towards midwifery certification!!!! At least it makes sense to me!

    Glad to hear that you’ll have a fun shopping trip once DaRonn gets home. You’ll have to tell us about the item you were MOST excited/surprised to see!

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