Do you play with words sometimes? Like this: affect, effect, infect, inspect, inept, in depth, instep, steps, stop, unstop, stop up, stock up, talk up, mock up, make up, made up, played up, stayed up, upstage, enrage, engage. Twenty-one steps from affect to engage.

Recently Amy from Expectant and Beyond asked me to play in a game of tag. The question is: what are five ways that blogging has affected you? Technically I am supposed to tag some more people after I list my answers. Since I am “it” right now we will play this way: if you want to be it next then you can; just post your answers and let me know what you come up with.

  1. Friends near and far, old and new, have enriched and inspired me.
  2. The connection to my family has been like a salve for my heart.
  3. A platform for practicing writing and sharing my life has instilled confidence.
  4. Reading other people’s blogs enlightens, informs, humors, humbles and challenges me. (Those were five in and of themselves.)
  5. Commenting on other people’s blogs has been a fun way to find out that I like encouraging folks.

You can use the comment section to play with a word if you want to. Take it three steps, or ten, or more if you fancy. It would be fun to see what you came up with starting with one of these: pocket, loosen, foot-long, transmit, equivocate, conscience, or ocean.


18 thoughts on “Affected

  1. Wow, Ang – your love of language is impressive. Fantastic!

    Blogging has affected me
    1) by giving me a ‘family’ I’ve never met
    2) by challenging me and teaching me steps of ministry
    3) by pulling encouraging things and right words out of me (like you!)
    4) by helping me focus on what God is saying to me
    5) by teaching by way of a challenge (which is ongoing) how to prioritize my life.

    Love you!

  2. Blogging has affected me:
    1. by expanding my circle of friends
    2. by widening the world in which I live in and giving me specifics on how to pray for ministries I know & love…and sometimes even ways I can help when I’m able.
    3. by allowing me to use my writing skills to humor others…
    4. or encourage others
    5. by helping me see that my little selfish life is just that…sometimes little, petty and INCREDIBLY selfish! And it’s time to get over my bad-self!! HA!

    Now for the word game:
    pocket, docket, docker, soccer, brother, bother, otter, potter, father, fatter, fladder, ladder, matter, slather, slither, sliver, silver, flitter, litter, kilter, quilter, guiltier, big eatter, big sister… 25…surely I can quit now. (Did I do that correctly??)

  3. Hey angie, good question and its funny you ask as I’ve been thinking alot about the benefits of blogging lately. So here goes my 5..

    Blogging has affected me by

    1) Giving me a great outlet to express myself and say whats on my mind, its great therapy and makes me feel someone is listening, even if they are not!

    2) Its helped me be more interested in what is going on in others lives and not just my own little world!

    3) Its made me communicate more effectively and broadened my vocabulary..well sort of!

    4) Its given me insight into other lives and minds in a way I dont think it would if they were communicating verbally.

    5) Its a great way to exercise my communication skills and the big mouth God has given me in a non verbal form, which generally makes me ‘say’ less which for me can be a good thing!

  4. Oh cool!! It was really quite fun!! Okay…I’m bored so I’m gonna do another!

    foot-long, how long?, how come?, welcome, ya’ll come, bubble gum, bubble gun, water gun, BB gun, baby doll, baby girl, valley girl, little girl, fish gill, fish sticks, chopsticks, pork chops, pork rump, rump roast, burnt toast, french toast, french fries, horse flies, little lies, butterflies!

    Oh it’s total fun!

  5. Okay

    Friends near and far, old and new, have enriched and inspired me.

    1) It has helped me to meet people that I would never have meet without it
    2) It help me become a better thinking
    3) It allows me to share with the world who I am
    4) it helps me to stay in contact with other
    5) It keeps me technoligically cutting edge
    6) Allows me to be a cheerleader for others

  6. @Rehanna – Welcome! Thanks for leaving your 5. Non-verbal expression… good thoughts.

    @Libby – You are on a roll. It is super fun. :-)

    @Alece – First thoughts are interesting.

    @DaRonn – Those are great things you listed. :-)

  7. @Roxx – thanks a ton!

    @Amy – it didn’t get caught by the spam monster… how odd? This comment you left has me a bit baffled as well. Was Silas helping? Or should I know what the code means? :-)

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