Most Wednesdays when I am with the kids in our House of Dreams orphanage I bring a bag of books and read to them. Their favorites are Curious George and Spot (titles listed in English for your benefit; the books are actually in Spanish). So I had an idea. This week after reading I told them that I wanted to put together a book about them. I had brought my camera so I spent the rest of the afternoon getting individual pictures of all 22 of them. Next week I am going to start interviews and let them dictate to me what they want on their page. It will be a fun book to read to them when it is all put together.

Here are some of the images from our afternoon. You can see others on my facebook album (even if you are not a member of facebook) by clicking this public access link:

If you are interested in helping to build our library of pre-school and begining readers books the truth is that there is more access to Spanish kids books in the countries that have big name book stores than here. Don’t worry about repeat titles being sent down because during free read time it helps to have duplicates. Read my post about regulations for sending things down if you would like to participate. You can even have Amazon (or other online shops) send the books directly to us if you keep the weight under four pounds. Here is the link to the sending instructions:

Thanks ahead of time!

What was your favorite ‘read to me’ book when you were growing up?


15 thoughts on “Smile!

  1. Cool idea. I am sure they are going to have a good time doing it.

    My favorite book when i was little is “where the wild things are”. Not exactly a Christian book but I liked it. Also Amilia Badilia plays baseball. I loved that one when I was a kid.

  2. A,

    My heart is all over the floor – these kids are so wonderful and cute and I want to hold them. Just curious, is there an adoption program between Boliva and USA? I’ve heard it’s tough to adopt from Latin and Central Am.


  3. What a great idea. I know they’ll love it. I even found a site that you can have a book “published”! :)

    My favorite book growing up? Make way for ducklings, jane and the dragon, sylvester and the magic pebble.

  4. What an awesome idea! The kids will love being important enough to be written about. May you have many many responses to your plea for books!

    My favorite book was How Joe the Mouse and Sam the Bear Got Together. It’s about how we can be friends with anybody no matter how different they are from us. I loved it because my Dad would make great sound effects when Joe and Sam cried.

  5. Oh such fond memories. My mother read us a great deal of Winnie the Pooh, The Velveteen Rabbit, and of course all the Dr. Suess book. OHHHHH and then there were The Golden Books…The Pokey Little Puppy, The Little Train That Could, and the Saggy Baggy Elephant!!! Ahhhh…I so loved that time! Wish I was there to share a story…or at least be a lap for 4-5 OR 6 kids! Ha!!

  6. I love this idea angie… I’m sure they will love looking through a book and seeing a picture of themselves. Very cool… you’ve got a great heart for these kiddos.

  7. @Roxx – There is, the regulations are all still being worked out, so patience is a must, but it does exist.

    @Danielle – what website did you find?

    @Natalie – Could it have been Dr. Seuss’ ‘The Lorax’? That was one of my favorites too.

    EVERYONE – I have loved hearing the names of the stories you heard as a kid, some familiar and some new.

  8. “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”

    I like that one to read to my kids. There is another really beuatiful book they liked called, “Going to Sleep on a Farm”. Beautiful pictures, really beautiful story.

    Then, Yertle the Turtle, and the older Suess books are fun to read aloud, too. And any Amelia Bedelia, but they may not translate well.

  9. What a great idea!! I’m SURE they’re going to love it. Creative you!

    Favorite titles:

    Anything Bill Peet (He’s right up you’re alley, Ang; if you’ve never heard of him, look him up.)
    Frog and Toad adventures
    Encyclopedia Brown
    can’t think of more.

    Natalie Jane … that sounds like a Bill Peet book!!

  10. Hi Angie, glad you’re starting to feel better! Haven’t been on your site in a while and thought I’d say hello.

    Also wanted to tell you that when I was learning Uzbek my language helper and I both enjoyed translating the “Frog and Toad” books from English to Uzbek. I’d forgotten that they are simple and fun! And so is anything that has a lot of rhythym (sp?) and rhyme, like the Suess books; not sure if there are good translations in Spanish.

    Others mentioned “Where the Wild Things Are” but I also loved Sendak’s “Chicken Soup with Rice.” And what about “Harold and the Purple Crayon?”

    One of my favorite read-aloud books – one that disappeared before I could actually read – showed up in my Christmas stocking a few years ago; my sister had found a copy of “The Picnic at the Zoo.” We had not called it that; I thought the title was “Mr. Roly Poly.” I was also AMAZED to find it quite different from what I remembered; whole characters and plot elements seemed missing! I scoured the internet for a sequel, before finally realizing my parents had made those parts up…

    Wonderful idea about writing a book about the kiddos – they will love that!

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