Give me a Break

What is stressful? Whatever the answer to that question is I am not to be doing it, doctors orders. Last night in the emergency room he asked me, “Has there been anything stressful in your life recently?” That is a hard question for me to answer because I am sure that other people would consider what I do as stressful but I have been doing it for years. So why was this one day any different?

They gave me some meds to treat swollen nerves in my brain. On Monday I will be getting a scan of my brain to see if there is something more serious. Until I meet with the neurologist again on Wednesday I have to eliminate all stress from my life. DaRonn has stepped up and if being just a prince.

Yesterday morning my vision was starry and blurred. I thought it was because I needed new glasses. Then throughout the afternoon things got progressively worse with nausea, the most massive headache ever in my life over my whole head, dizziness, vomiting and part of my body falling asleep. Upon my request DaRonn took me to the best clinic in town: Los Olivios. The doctors and nurses attended to me right away and were very kind.

If you could, please pray for me to get better soon and that I would have the wisdom to know how to live in a way that something like this doesn’t happen again. Like I said, the tests are not all done yet, so you can pray that the doctors know what they are doing too. Thanks.


18 thoughts on “Give me a Break

  1. Praying for you Angie!!! I hope you are feeling better and that all checks out okay. Let your hubby and kiddos take care of you and rest as much as you can!!

  2. Am praying for you Ang! AND your precious family! When it’s up on Tuesday-ish…you’ll really be encouraged by PBZ’s Friday nite message “Hope in Troubled Times” a prophetic message…it’ll be a good relaxing message to listen to!!

    Will keep you in my forethoughts and prayers…as well as the med team. Please keep us posted!!

    Big hugs!

  3. Angie missed your lovely smile at church today! Will be praying for you!

    p.s where can I listen to that sermon ‘hope in troubled times’ that your friend was talking about? sounds good!

  4. oh my darling angie!!! i too pray for you. i’m glad you were napping today. God bless you and your family. I was just thinking about your hubby and kids, and i KNOW they are really going to impress you during this time where mommy needs to rest . . . you’ve been a great teacher and example for them

  5. Oh my goodness!!!!!! Angie, my dear!!! I should be there to read to you. Or just talk. Give you a massage. Babysit your kids. Hmmmm. Well … at least you know what I would do if I could.

    Wisdom … what a great prayer. The most important. I will agree with you on that.

    I love you!!!

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