This weekend I remained as vertical as possible. There has been some 90 degree business going on, but the main point is that I am resting. I have been in my comfy clothes reading, editing photos, browsing blogs, and watching movies. What I have NOT been doing is stressing out. It takes concerted effort, let me tell you! Here are my de-stressifying efforts in a nice pretty list:

  • Not cooking
  • Not cleaning
  • Not shopping
  • Not changing diapers
  • Not going to church
  • Not doing counseling
  • Not doing make-up, hair or nails
  • Not doing home-school
  • Not stopping the two-year old from dumping cereal on the floor
  • Not worrying about what the results of the brain scan will be when the are picked up this evening

Not that we are going to be able to decipher what the images mean on our own. The technician didn’t seem to flip out when he was doing the exam, so that should be a good sign. Of course he was out of the room or on the phone for about 7 of the 10 minutes that it took to be slid back and forth like a sticky conveyor belt at the grocery store. I actually didn’t feel a thing and was a bit disappointed that there were no red scanner lights moving over my face. There was some whirring noise that had an extraterrestrial quality about it. That was cool.

We will sit down with the neurologist on Wednesday so he can tell us what it all means. Until then, thank you for your prayers and notes of encouragement. I really am at peace. DaRonn and the kids are pitching in and the house looks better than it has in weeks.


14 thoughts on “De-stressifying

  1. Stress-free and not doing house maintenance yourself and the house looks better than it has in weeks….ah, what an awesome relief!!! I pray you feel the love of your family both near and far, AND of course from all of us here in blogger world! Hang in there my friend. (BTW, if you get a type-written report and need some help deciphering it, I have some neuro experience….however, please not that it is NOT in Spanish!) Usually when you get a CAT Scan result it’s in the form of a written report, at least it is here in the States.

    Hang in there my friend!! Big hugs!

  2. Angie,

    Prayers are definitely going up. I’ll keep checking back for updates. In the mean time, enjoy your destressing. And a BIG HUG to DaRonn for being such a great guy for you!

    Love you!

  3. Babe,

    I am so proud of the way you are handling all of this. You are responding like a champion!!! I am glad that you are resting. It is long over due.

    About the not changing diaper thing… I think it is okay that you are not changing Tyler’s pants. I was looking at the pack of diapers the other day and it said “good for up to 30 pounds”. I do not think that his diaper has filled up to 30 pounds yet so we are should be okay. But boy does he stink 1 Just kidding ha! ha!. I love you.

  4. that’s funny. good up to 30 pounds. ha ha. . . . in sickness and in health, it’s a big comittment. i can’t imagine the stress it would put on my husband were i laid up for a few weeks. but maybe he could hire someone. not that i’m glorifying myself or anything, but it takes two, you know? and were he laid up for a time, i might just go crazy.

    kudos to daronn!! we’re praying for you both, and angie, i’m glad you’re destressing . . .

    and isn’t it something the way God made us. our bodies do so much and then they say, stop, breathe, look around, chill or else! :)

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