Trail Mix

On with the nutty, mixed-up, crunchy, munchy life I lead…

  • I am having coffee with the gals (my Caffinaries) this morning. Fun!
  • I started back walking. I want to be running but my body says we need to ease back in.
  • A fellow missionary friend left for the States for a month this week. She is bringing me back whitening strips. That’ll be good.
  • A Magic Envelope arrived from my sister and my mom last week on Timothy’s birthday. So fun!
  • Speaking of my sister, she had her second baby! Another girl. Congrats, again, guys.  xo xo xo xo
  • DaRonn (my husband) was selected to play for the city of Cochabamba in the national bowling tournament held in Santa Cruz at the end of this month. The bowling league is covering his transportation to and from S.C., hotel stay, food and tournament fees for the four days. So fun! I am going to be going with him and we will probably be taking the kids.
  • That means that we will be celebrating our seven year anniversary for the day we came to Bolivia in the city that we started out in. Interesting.
  • School year is winding to a close. It was a good year.
  • We voted by absentee ballot and sent it in this week.
  • ATTENTION FELLOW BLOGGERS: I have a blog roll. It is really cool; deluxe! It is on a page of its own called ‘RIDES‘. If you want to be on it then leave me your info. and I will add you (screen shot and all). Also – if my site is on your blog roll I want your site on mine. PLEASE tell me if I am on your roll so that I can include you on mine. ‘K? Thanks!


9 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. You do have quite a life! Love it.

    Seven years? Y’all have been in Bolivia that long? You look so young!!!

    Can you talk about it — How has the news of trade status affected y’all, if at all?

    I don’t know if I’m on your “Rides” page…I’ll go see.

    Loveyou and FYP!!

  2. @DaRonn – It is quite yummy though. :-)

    @Michelle – I am 32 years young. ;-) I added you to the rides page. I will have to research ‘trade status’ because I am not familiar with what it is. I’ll get back to you and let you know how it has affected us.

    @Rachel – Well, I am a girly girl in training. :-) These things have not been important to me in the past, but I have recently become interested in them. It has been fun exploring my feminine nature. :-)

  3. Well…you’re on my blogspot one, but you know Xanga isn’t that hip yet. :D
    I got my early ballot in the mail a week ago. I’ve been staring at it, still not sure who to vote for.

  4. I think it’s so cool how God gave ya a “free” va-cay in S.C. (okay, via DaRonn’s bowling talents) to celebrate your 7 years in Bolivia! Isn’t that just like God! He’s just awesome!!

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