Get it? Got it. Good!

For those of you who are new to a Thursday on @ngie you need only to follow along what the others are doing. They are looking at the most recent comment which will have ended in an interrogative (question). Then in their comment box they answer that question (A) and the add a new question (Q). It is great fun to come back throughout the day and play, and play again, and play again… warning it can be a tad bit addictive.

Here is the starter question that the first commenter will answer:

What time of day are you most productive?


27 thoughts on “Interrogative

  1. [Laura – I understand why you take naps now. :-) Good for you staying up to have time without the boys.]

    A: I don’t know if it is still running but I loved Reading Rainbow.

    Q: What is the latest book you finished reading (we are talking cover to cover folks)?

  2. A dog person, definitely. (Most of my family are severely allergic to cats.)

    How do you most like to celebrate your birthday?

  3. a relaxing breakfast where I know I’ll be home for a few hours afterward, oatmeal, cinnamon roll and orange juice,

    what sweet treat is the hardest to say no to??

  4. Homemade “Heath bars” — I only make them at Christmas so I won’t gain 100 pounds every month.

    What’s your favorite salty snack?

  5. Mmm chocolate…

    Sorry, where were we? Oh yes, favourite chocolate is a Violet Crumble, but I’m about to try a NZ kiwi-fruit chocolate, and that might change my mind.

    Who are you looking forward to seeing tomorrow?

  6. The fine folk @ Chik-fil-A where I spend time during my morning bike ride. I’m up to about 10 miles a day now, and must stop for rest.

    What is your favorite book of the Bible? Verse?

  7. A family reunion! I picture brothers and sisters from all of the many places I’ve lived in the world – rejoicing and praising God together.

    What is one of your best childhood memories?

  8. A: Being 9 years old and creeking (exploring a creek) with my twin brother. We only lived by that creek for 8 months, but it was a fun time.

    Q: What first comes to mind when I say


  9. [I have been working all and I haven’t been able to play… maybe after church tonight I can hang out here with ya’ll if I am not too exhaustified :-) ]

    Dream vacation – I have so many I will just choose one: Israel

    Q: What was the last thing you imagined?

  10. Dia del Muerto (although it lasts several days as it includes night of the dead Oct. 31, Day of the Dead Nov. 1, All Saints Day Nov. 2, and All Souls Day Nov. 3) We don’t celebrate this but the unsaved around us do.

    What is the next holiday in your neck of the woods that you actually celebrate?

  11. A: the next holiday that we are celebrating is a family holiday (otherwise known as vacation) yes!!!

    Those that you mentioned, Beth, are all observed here in Bolivia as well. Which is a great launching point for today’s post.

    I hope you all had fun playing, there were some great questions this time around. Come back next Thursday for more fun. :-)

    I am off work on the post…

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