The youth here in Bolivia say, “Full,” pronounced as ‘fool’ when they think something is cool. This coming week is going to be FULL – the Bolivian sense and in the English sense.

We are taking a week long

family vacation in Santa Cruz!

Monday evening we leave. The trip has three interesting things about it.

#1 We are going because DaRonn was invited to compete on the Cochabamba team in the national bowling championship taking place in Santa Cruz at the end of next week. His way is paid; nice bonus! Go Team Cochabamba!

Our Champion!
Our Champion!

#2 Since I put my foot down and told him that I was going with him no matter what we talked it over and thought it would be fun to take the kids too. They are so excited to swim, ‘live’ in the hotel and travel. We are going to try to make it to the butterfly and orchid reserve, a water park, some excellent restaurants, and see some friends.


#3 The amazing coincidence is that we will be in Santa Cruz on November 1st. Big deal, right? Really it is, because November 1st is the anniversary of our arrival as full-time, long-term, cross-cultural missionaries to the people of Bolivia. We came in 2001 so this is our 7 year anniversary. The fact that we are going to be in the city we started in is very interesting to me.

Seven year old Estefani who lives in the House of Dreams
Seven year old Estefani who lives in the House of Dreams, a beautiful Bolivian girl


22 thoughts on “Full

  1. @ng,

    that’s awesome…or “fool”.

    Congratulations on 7 “full” years of ministry, what an accomplishment.

    I hope you guys have a great time and get some good family refreshing in. I’m excited for you!

    And I really like the new banner!

    Love you.

  2. Sounds wonderful @ngie, I hope you all have a fabuolus time and that DaRonn has fun in the championship!
    Congratulations on your 7 years as missionaries too (love the header) – 7 is a special number and it is special to be in the city it all began! Remember to take lots of pics!

  3. Congrats on the 7 years, and on the “full” vacation..I just love how God provides, and knows just what we need personally to refresh us, and encourage us..praying that this trip will do both for you and DaRonn.

    SO I would just bet there is an internet connection in that hotel…just saying…or I may have to do my blog fast next week..been thinking about it. Love you girl…have a good time!!!

  4. @Thumbuddy – Thank you so very much. Love you too! :-)

    @Roxx – Thank you for including me on your list. You are sweet.

    @Birgit – Thank you. Yes, tons of pictures. :-)

    @Darla – No guarantees on the blog… Thanks for the prayers!

  5. Yay you! What a great way to celebrate your anniversary.

    So, I guess bowling fits into the “lifestyle evangelism” category?

    I think my namesake is very cute. I named my youngest Abigail because of a little Abi that I spent time with in Mexico.

  6. @Steph Steph bo Beph – If you ask my husband he would say that bowling fits into the “keep yourself sane on the mission field” category.

    @Faith – I will have to get to that when I get back. Thanks for thinking of me.

    @Michelle – I appreciate your FYP. :-)

  7. Have a great time…praying for traveling mercy, and for God to shine so bright on you all..I know HE smiles big looking at you all!! Peace..til next post! ;)

  8. YEAH!!!!!!!! Hang on – you’ve been gone for a week, huh? This was last weeks, post. haha. Well, I’m sure you’ve had a WONDERFUL time. :) So glad to hear!!

  9. @Becky – Many many pictures. :-) Thanks friend! I love you!

    @Anita la divertida – You are funny! :-) Thanks for all these great comments. We have not been gone for a week yet. We leave today. See next post. :-)

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