Timothy said the Air is Hot in This City

Travel Log: Tuesday, October 28, 2008

16:35, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Our bus driver aspired to be a pilot because we practically flew to Santa Cruz last night.  A trip that normally takes 13 hours by bus with all the stops and such was slashed down to a measly 8.5. Can I have a shout out for the coca leaf chew? To stay awake they stuff a wad of coca leaves in their cheeks and chew on it. Coca leaves are the raw product that cocaine is made from. Yeah, so they are not as strong as the drug but they have numbing effects that also kill hunger pangs. The green stained teeth of the friendly smile of our driver and the tell tale facial protrusion were evidence of the usage of this common chew. He gassed up once and made a few drop off along the way but no stops to rest, stretch or snack. I greatly appreciated that. I was just praying that my children’s bladders held up. They did so great!

Sleeping? Not so much. DaRonn said the snoring and head nudges from Timothy kept him up. Raimy said the lights from outside bugged her. Gabrielle woke up a few times and announced, “We are almost there everyone! I can smell the pool!” I promptly told her to go back to sleep. Tyler had his own seat but seemed more comfortable sprawled out belly up on me. He flailed in slow motion like a huge beetle flipped on his back as he tried to find the position he wanted. If I wasn’t half asleep, in a sour humor from exhaustion and worried about waking up the rest of the passengers I would have laughed out loud at his comical nocturnal choreography.

As we were talking yesterday about the things we wanted to do on the trip I convinced DaRonn that I would be up to taking the kids to the butterfly reserve today. What was I thinking?! After wrestling with the hotel people about our room they put us somewhere until they could get everything straightened out. This is the hotel the bowling team wanted to use.  Five stars? That is what they tell me; I would say that the humidity and sandy wind of this fine city blew a couple of those stars off. No matter. We finally got the connected rooms we wanted with internet at about 15:00. It’s all good.

The day is still a bit of a blur but I know we did some fun stuff. Not in any specific order we: got water at the grocery store, ate breakfast, coordinated to allow mama and Tyler to take a good nap, swam at the pool, ate a great lunch of subs from Saga (yum!), stocked our room with fruit, drinks and snacks from the grocery store, coordinated to allow DaRonn to get some bowling practice in and played some games together. Whew! What a great way to start the vacation.

The internet is not a very reliable connection. So I have had to post this much later than I started writing it. Also, tomorrow I will post a few pictures because first I need to edit them and then I might need to let the computer work for a while to upload them. I have some fun shots to show you though so in a bit when the kids crash for bed (early I hope) then I will play around with the pics to get them all ready.

Thank you all for your prayers, emails, comments and well wishes. For matters of the internet connection I will not be responding directly during our trip. Please don’t let that discourage you from let me know what you think. Your encouragement is so wonderful and greatly appreciated.


10 thoughts on “Timothy said the Air is Hot in This City

  1. So glad you’re having a good time. I hope you come back with renewed energy, stronger family connections, and entertaining stories. :)

    Steph Steph Bo Beph

  2. Glad to hear your vacation is off to a … well, a start anyway! Those overnight trips are not very fun. At least the bus ride was not as long as you expected it to be! Hope that you are able to enjoy your vacation as a family!

  3. What a great account! Gabrielle’s quote cracked me up. :) What a bright little spirit! Wow! that bus driver was hummin. Glad you got some R&R once you got there! :) Love you all!

  4. Gabs quote totally cracked me up too!! Sounds like you’re having a grand time! Will look forward to hearing more about your trip when you get time to fight with the internet!

    Good luck!

  5. Glad you made it safe! Enjoyed hearing the stories. Have fun, be healthy. I hope Daronn plays his best games. We’re off on Friday!

  6. “I would have laughed out loud at his comical nocturnal choreography.”

    I love the way you express yourself. What a great start! I’ve heard about those cocoa leaves…wonder if they’d help me with my illness…???

  7. Those drivers are crazy aren’t they! I have never felt more closer to Jesus than when I am on a South American bus journey. Partly to do with my constant praying and partly because I never know if I’m going to make it to heaven sooner than planned! Keep having fun guys!

  8. It was a small karate exhibition the night on the bus with Timothy. He is actually pretty good at kicking and jabbing while he is sleep.

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