Twenty Thousand Words

Travel Log: Wednesday, October 29, 2008

17:22, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

By clicking the picture you can see it full sized and read a short description.


9 thoughts on “Twenty Thousand Words

  1. Looks like you all are having a blast!! I’ll be rooting Tong on from JoeTown!! (You’ll have to read my comment on DaRonn’s blog to get that one!!)

  2. hey friend- sorry I’ve been so out of touch- we haven’t had internet at our place and it’s hard to find time and a spot to connect these days… can’t wait to really catch up with all your posts… I’ve missed them :)

  3. Hey there! I´m so glad that you guys were able to go on your long overdue and richly deserved vacation to SC. We´re praying for you to have a great and refreshing time as a family. Thanks for taking us along for the ride with the great descriptions and pics. Have fun (and maybe read a good book and take a quick nap) by that pool!

    We too have discovered that 5 Bolivian stars aren´t the same as five US stars, but the prices are better. :^)

  4. I absolutely love traveling. I love seeing God’s handi work around the globe. When I graduated from high school I was a foreign exchange student to Germany for a year. It was a season of stretching and growing. Then off to college, marriage and kids. I am glad I experienced that in my formative years and that my husband still enjoys traveling with me.

    I found you via Roxanne Kristina (my sister).


  5. @DEAR COMMENTATORS – Welcome Elizabeth. Glad to have you here on @ngie. We really are having a great time. I am glad that you liked all the pictures. :-)

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