Geology and Geography

The question: So, why Bolivia?

My answer: Why not? Next question?

So the next question usually is: How did you know that Bolivia was the place you were supposed to go?

This is when I tell the geology story. As missionaries who do not work with a specific sending organization we decided where to start. Both DaRonn and I knew from a young age we would be working in the foreign mission field. It was just something we knew. It was part of our whole existence occupying thoughts, plans, prayers and walls. We papered our rooms with maps of the world with a constant question on our lips, “Where to God?” Our top choices were: India, Russia, or somewhere in Africa. Obviously we needed to narrow it down a bit. As DaRonn was sitting in a geology class in his pursuit of a business degree they showed a video about the rocks and soil (that is what geology is, by the way) that were found in Bolivia. They showed some clips of the faces of the Bolivian people and DaRonn felt a burning in his heart and seemed impressed by the words, “That is where you will start.” As he shared the story with me and we prayed over it we both became more sure that this was our destination.

Next question: Where, exactly, is Bolivia?

The next step was to get out a map and mix some geography with the geology. Where is Bolivia at anyway? Just so you know, it is not in Europe where we first assumed. It is, in fact, in the heart of South America. (See map on my Q&A page.) You can read more about our story and see the cool sliding time line on our ministry bios webpage.

Today, November 1, 2008, we are celebrating seven years as full-time, cross-cultural missionaries. God has done so many wonderful things over the years. I am amazed as I think about his hand of mercy and goodness that has been upon us. My favorite verse since I was about twelve years old:

“And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry” (1 Timothy 1:12)


13 thoughts on “Geology and Geography

  1. Wow. I love hearing the history. Isn’t it great to be assured that you are where God wants you to be? I’m excited for your past, present, and future. :) Further up and further in! (That’s from The Last Battle (C.S. Lewis) in case you don’t recognize it. One of my favorite lines. Such a picture.)

    Happy Anniversary! Number 7 is a great one!

  2. Congratulations to the Washington family! May God bless you with many many many more years in His service! We sure do miss you guys, but are glad you’re having a great time! Come home soon!

  3. Angie, that was not only interesting, it was also a wonderful story about what the Lord will do with people who want to serve Him. Congratulations on 7 years, and may the Lord continue to bless you in your incredible journey.

  4. Happy anniversary! 7 years…God is so good…I am always encouraged reading here. Thanks for sharing those answers to the questions…hope you all had a restful vacation…and I loved all the pics…soooo headed to DaRonns…dying to know how the bowling things went…especially for Washingtong

  5. Happy Missionversary,
    Happy Missionversary,
    Happy Missionversary,
    Haaaaaaaaaaaappy MISSIONVERSARY!!!!

    (to the tune of an anniversary song in an episode of the Flinstones I think…)

    What a great “life verse”.


  6. Happy Missonversary to you guys!!! What a great verse to steer the course!!

    I saw Marisol last night and gave her several big hugs! Church was really down in numbers last night, so I don’t think it was quite the welcoming she expected.

    Have fun with the rest of your va-cay! I’ll see Marisol again on Sunday morning and give her some more hugs!!

  7. Thanks everyone for the comments. They are special to us.

    It is amazing how we ended up in Bolivia. Just think the first time we heard about it I thought it was in German.

  8. @DaRonn: Let’s see now – Bolivia, Germany. That doesn’t sound bad at all. I was stationed in Ramstein, Germany for three years nearly a hundred years ago, give or take several years.

  9. congratulations! so happy for you guys. God has blessed the work of your hands!

    “that is where you will start.” do you feel like bolivia’s not your final stop?

  10. @Alece – What an attentive reader you are to pick up on that. We really did start out there / here and have branched out into all of South America and the Spanish speaking world with our bible schools, the internet services and the leadership training we do. Thank you for the blessing – right back atchya.

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