A Place Called Home

Travel log: Tuesday, November 4, 2008

7:42, Cochabamba, Bolivia

As we pulled up in our cramped taxi Raimy said, “Finally we are at a place we can call home.” You know when you take off your roller skates but you still feel like you are skating? Even though we have been home for more than two hours I am still in that in between phase of glad to be home but not wanting the vacation to be officially over. It was a good time. About a half a dozen times since we arrived back home in Cochabamba DaRonn has said, “That was a good thing. I am glad we did it. We should do it again soon.” Amen brother!

Sunday was the final day of the bowling championship. So while DaRonn spent the day at the alley I took the kids to Playland, a theme park. We got very sunburned. Tyler especially had a good time on the rides. I was surprised at all my kids for wanting to go on and do everthing they could.

Monday we had the whole day as a family. We wanted to do the butterfly place but it was pouring down rain so we thought that an outdoor activity was not the best idea. Since it was a national holiday lots of places were closed. We finally settled on taking the kids bowling. Apropriate, don’t you think? After that we hung out in the hotel and played games while Tyler napped. In the late afternoon we met good friends of ours from Cochabamba who were in Santa Cruz on a long layover on their way to Argentina. We chatted while the kids played. After we bid them farewell we treated the kids to ice-cream from Freddo. Oh my! It was some of the best ice-cream I had ever had. If you ever get a chance order the Trifreddo Frutal – so good!

I think I should dedicate a whole post to traveling by bus in Bolivia. I will need to wait until I can write humorously. I am still fuming and exhausted from the whole encounter and I don’t trust myself to not say something I would later regret. So we will leave it at that and move along to the pictures. Clicking the picture will allow you to see an enlarged version.

It was fun keeping this log of our travels. I enjoyed sharing with you. Later this month I will be doing another travel log for the time I will be spending in Cuzco, Peru celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband, DaRonn. Anyone who has been there can give suggestions for ideas of what to do (and what not to do) if you like.


12 thoughts on “A Place Called Home

  1. Great pictures!

    And great job on keeping your words in check. I’m sure it’s quite the challenge.

    Welcome home!!

    I really want to know – how did DaRonn do??

  2. traveling by bus in bolivia can’t be accurately described in a blog, it is to be experienced, but only once, the second chance may never come. Lets start a anniversary fund to send y’all by plane to Cuzco.

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