Trail Mix

On with the nutty, mixed-up, crunchy, munchy life I lead…

  • We are still doing laundry and unpacking from our vacation last week. I figure there is no rush.
  • Helped with the moving of the orphanage this week. For pictures of the new place click here.
  • Went to see the new James Bond with a friend last night. 2/3 of the show are set in Bolivia! That was a fun surprise as I munched my pipocas (popcorn).
  • My rides page has been updated. There are a few new additions there if you want to check them out. As always if you want to be added then just let me know.
  • Two-year-old Tyler’s ever expanding vocabulary now includes the word ‘bowling’.
  • Speaking of bowling… so how’d it go? DaRonn has been telling people that it was a learning experience. Cochabamba did their best, but Santa Cruz had home ‘lane’ advantage and were more prepared so they won the tournament. The team still had a fun time.
  • Speaking of Cochabamba… a soccer team from our city took the national championship. Yeah!
  • Speaking of national championships… for those of you who didn’t know I feel it is my duty to inform you that Barack Obama is the new President elect of the United States of America.
  • Since we are done with the school year the kids have had to be creative with their extra time. The activity of choice for last few days has been shadow plays with a sheet draped between two chairs and a lamp behind it. The things they are coming up with makes me chuckle.
  • I have one friend (that I know of) doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Go Becky! This is the first year I have known what it is. I am intrigued and considering accepting the 50,000 word in one month novel writing challenge for next year.
  • The book I started reading: El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha (In Spanish)


12 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. Too cool about the Bond Movie! I’ll have to give in to my dear hubby and go!! (Smile! I owe him a favor anywho…he’s going to a play that a dear friend is in this weekend!)

    Chris O. from WOLC also does the NaNo challenges (she was on Xanga and now on Facebook). I believe she likes to write Sci-Fi.

    So how long is summer break? (from school)

    Big hugs!

  2. I love your munchy lists! :)

    I really love that you have now informed everyone of the new President elect. That made me chuckle.

    Which Bond movie? Casino Royale? There’s a new one coming out soon, too … Quantum Solace.

    You know, I kind of envy (not in a bad wy! really!) that you can speak another language fluently. I love other languages … just have never actually learned enough in one to be fluent. Perhaps someday. I have a list of about 5 languages I’d like to learn someday. Plus Hebrew and Greek, of course. :)

  3. Wow the new orphanage is huge.
    Do you rent the property or has your ministry bought it?
    This place looks rural compared to the last place?
    Will you have room for a school here?
    Apparently I am full of questions this morning… sorry :-)


  4. pipocas? I decided that I am collecting popcorn words!
    maiz pira-Colombia
    cotufas-Venezuela (this word reminds me so much of “pantuflas” (slippers) that it makes me laugh every time I say it. :)


    BTW, kudos on tackling THAT book in Spanish! I have read some Gabriel Garcia Marquez and that was quite challenging…

    p.s. Am bummed because I tried to play on Thursday but every time I clicked on comments, it closed the browser window. weird :(

  5. Hi @ngie, Thanks for stopping by at my blog.
    Nice blog! I recently heard about the NaNoWriMo recently for the first time. Since you mentioned it again, I checked it out. Well, maybe next year.
    (Not sure if this counts for the Coffeegirl Challenge as it is a return visit. ;-))

  6. @Jutta – I like your blog very much. Thank you for the compliment. The two languages over on your are especially intriguing. I might take the plunge and make my site bi-lingual.

    @Mo – How sweet are you!

    @Becky A. – Wow, that is a great collection!

    @Christy – It is going very well. Much easier than I thought it would be.

    @Rehanna – If you like action you will like it. There must have been about 7 chance scenes!

    @Danielle – I am curious to know what cuteness caught your eye.

    @Carin – I love answering questions. :-)
    Do you rent the property or has your ministry bought it? rent
    This place looks rural compared to the last place? yes, rural
    Will you have room for a school here? yes for the preschoolers and the older ones will be bussed into town

    @Alece – I am glad that came across as funny. :-)

    @Anita la linguista – Go for it with the languages. We saw Quantum of Solace

    @Libby Lu – Break is until beginning of February ’09

    @Noolo – Welcome! Thanks for the comment.

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