Becky Gets a Gold Star

Becky and I have been fast friends for ages. The name that she uses when she writes her books is Rebecca Gomez, prestigious don’t you think? She translated the phrase on a previous post very well and it earned her a star.

What you see is an image of her and I taking pictures of each other. In the comment box tell me a quick story about a fun time you had with a good friend and (if you haven’t already) you will get a gold star too. In case it is too small to read her talking bubble it says: “Hey! I see you!” and mine says, “I wish these were transporter lenses.”  Don’t I wish it were true!




12 thoughts on “Becky Gets a Gold Star

  1. Hi Becky!

    In September I got to visit my best friend for a week. She has been my best friend since 3rd grade, and just had her first baby – a girl. Ella Marin (middle name pronounce “MARE’in”). It was great. I don’t think we’ve hung out for a week since ………………. high school, probably. That would probably be my most recent fun time. :)

  2. Don’t you just love that Angie gives out Gold stars?? I love it..when i was a kid..loved those stars on papers and everywhere i could put them..hahaha

    Congrats Becky!

    Ang- I have often wished that the lense on my camera was a teleporter….I would have been in Oregon so many times..looking at those pics…and if I had a pic of you, I would be there too…maybe I would even settle for a hologram! LOL did you see that CNN actually had the first hologram on election night..too cool!

  3. Yearly, on my birthday I spend the day with my sister-in-law(I always drop the in-law though and call her sister), the two of us go to Victoria without kids and spend the day shopping, drinking Starbucks, having lunch until we are exhausted. We always laugh that we haven’t actually done anything worth being exhausted about, but we are none the less:-) My birthday is just around the corner, I am looking forward to our day together.

  4. Rebecca Gomez? You got me startled. The name reminds me of my times with Priscilla Gomez in Mexico. I was a short term helper for a missionary family from Germany (many years ago). When we were not in the village, but on the mission’s compound in Mitla, I would go to her house in the evening and practice a little Spanish with her, sing songs, watch a movie, or just talk. We had a great time together and I am sorry that we lost touch.
    I sometimes wonder where she might be now.

  5. @Annie – That is so great that you got to spend time with your best friend.

    @Darla – I wasn’t aware that they used a hologram – wow!

    @Carin – What a perfect way to celebrate your birthday! Happy early birthday! What is the date?

    @Jutta – Gomez is Rebecca’s married name and they have family in Mexico. They have been down there to visit a few times. I wonder if it is anywhere near Milta that their family is.

  6. When Angie was in the states a couple of years ago, we had planned on getting together here in Omaha (she was staying in St. Joe, MO) and spending a day at the zoo. We were all looking forward to it. We even planned on keeping the kids out of school that day.

    But then it rained. And rained. And rained. And rained. And FLOODED. Angie and her family couldn’t come. It was the gloomiest rainy day of my life.

    Fortunately, we were able to drive down to St. Joe, MO a few days later and spend a wonderful day with my friend and her kiddos.

    Those in-person visits don’t happen often, but they are worth it! I love my friend, Angie. She was an answer to prayer when I was in highschool.

    I could go on and on about what a good friend Angie is, but I won’t. This is her blog, after all. :-)

  7. Becky, reading that story brought tears to my eyes. Man! I was soooo mad that we couldn’t make it happen that day. But I really savored every moment that we did have together later.

    You are welcome to comment as long as you want on this here blog. I don’t mind in the least.

    Was is really a couple of years ago? We need to make it back up there sometime soon.

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