Summer is here! The other day as I tended to my seven year old’s skinned knee I also soothed her tears by telling her what her Oma told me when I was a kid, “This means that summer is here. My mom told me that the first skinned knee announces the arrival of summer. Congratulations! You got to let us know that summer is here.” She triumphantly marched around the house with a pronounced limp informing the family the summer had started.

A few other signs are: school is over, we went on vacation, it is hot, we got our first sun burns and the winds are picking up. There is one final way that I know it is officially summer. Christmas is right around the corner! Yes, that is a marker for me now. I say this every year, but it is so true; those Bolivian Santas have got to be miserable from the heat!

Happy Summer and Happy Holidays, too!



18 thoughts on “Sunkissed

  1. Ha, ha, ha – thought of NZ when you mentioned Santa getting miserable from the heat! :)
    It’s so great that the sun is shining where you are. There’s no envy at all as I sit here in London with the rain heaving down outside my window right now, hee, hee ;)

  2. @Carin – I sorta answered your question in the side bar under the picture.

    @Thumbuddy – !!!Snow!!! I love the snow! Cool!

    @Birgit – Snow only takes second place to the rain. Hmmm I love the rain. I need to do a post about how much I adore the rain.

    @Livvy – I can just picture your cute little nose all wrinkled up. :-)

    @Brandy – It is a mysterious world we live in.

  3. @Michelle – The first year it was surreal. It felt like we were living it a weird movie. But over the years I have come to love my palm trees, lazy breezes and walks to the park on Christmas day.

    You just gave me an idea… maybe we should organize a Christmas mission trip. I have heard of organizations doing that. Bolivia would be a perfect place. hmmm… have to pray about that.

  4. @Carin – No no no – and in Spanish – no. :-) I put the words up as a response to your question. I figures if you were wondering others were too. :-) So only feel like a tool if it is a useful tool helping us all figure out what to title that picture. :-)

  5. My gram used to say that too…”now summer has started, there has to be an injury of some sort” LOL

    I have always wondered does it feel like Christmas when it is hot, do you still cook lots of food, and make cookies…?? I am so pathetic…my quesioning mind…i have always lived in a cold climate in november -March, so I don’t know what a warm Christmas is like, but I think I would like it ;) tell us more….

  6. Thanks Angie:-)

    You know what I love about the thought of Christmas in the summer, is that it fulfills a long time dream of mine!…..
    My birthday would be in the summer, instead of the dead of winter!!!! I can fully imagine that, and I look forward to experiencing it next winter :-)


  7. Somehow I forgot your seasons are opposite! How is that! We just got our first bits of snow over the weekend too. Heading into the long, cold, Minnesota winter from which there is no reprieve. We’ll come out the other end in May. This is not my favorite part about Minnesota, if you can’t tell. :)

  8. @Darla – You will be hearing more as the season progresses. Trust me, this Mid-west Cornhusker never ceases to be amazed at a warm Christmas.

    @Carin – When is your birthday?

    @Annie – How is it that you forgot? Or how is it that the seasons are flipped? :-) Wow – that is a long time for it to be cold.

  9. You are not kidding about the heat. It is so wired to have it hot during Christmas. I think it is funny that in some Bolivian stores they paint snow on the windows when many of them have never seen snow.

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