Mother Letter

Mother. Mama. Mommy. Ma. Mom. Mominator. We go by many names. And more diverse than our names are our vocations. I have a collection of super-hero clothing that I put on when I need that extra boost to accomplish the feats of any given day. I have a t-shirt with the ‘Superman’ symbol. My kids say it is my Supermom t-shirt. That’s right! I also have a t-shirt with the ‘Incredibles’ emblem. I imagine that I am that awesome mom Elastigirl. She rocks! For those of you that have seen the movie ‘Raising Helen’ then you know the neighbor mom who busts in with her baseball bat and breaks up a wild party. In the movie she wears a colorful sweater. I have that same sweater! I feel powerful when I wear that colorful sweater.

Recently I was made aware of a project being spearheaded by a very grateful father called “The Mother Letter Project”. I was asked to submit a written piece on motherhood. I chose my poem ‘Luz’. There is now a website set up giving instructions on how to participate. Go HERE to check it out. (

Kind of along the lines of super-human strength and mothers and all I want share with you one of my favorite quotes that I often heard my mother saying as she was raising us five:

“If Darwin’s theory of evolution was correct then mothers would have eight arms.”

I love you mom!



18 thoughts on “Mother Letter

  1. Angie,

    Thanks so much for the plug. I’ll now plug you on the Mother Letter site (and any of your peeps who plug the site). I look forward to hearing from your sphere of influence. As a reminder, anyone who contributes will get a complete set of the mother letters when the project is compiled.

    Thanks again.

  2. @Indian Lake Papa – Wow! What an honor to have THE Papa at my place. That is so great to hear that you are helping sponsor works. Thank you for that. It was great to get your comment. Thanks for stopping by.

    @DaRonn – Thanks babe.

    @Anita la visita – Yeah, it is cool :-)

  3. Thanks for writing this great post about moms. Yes, moms certainly need more arms than what they have, but somehow make do.

    My sister and I lost our mother to cancer last year, and she is sorely missed, but we go on. My forgetter works pretty well at times, and it seems to me our mother had about 6 arms. Whew!

    Watching my wife amazes me, too. How she raised our girls, and now helping to raise our grandchildren, is amazing to me. If the fellas don’t know it by now, we ought to give the moms in our lives some special gratitude.

  4. @Michelle – T-shirt interpretation is not my forte but I would assume that a Barney and Baby Bop t-shirt indicates a loving personality with much understanding for children.

    Thanks for re-commenting that you like the pics and header.

    Thanks for the FYP. :-)

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