and counting

*  Quito, Ecuador  * Lima, Peru  * Cuzco, Peru  *

The preceding is my husband’s itinerary for the next two weeks. He leaves today “at lunch time” (as we tell the kids). Conferences, meetings, speaking engagements, etc. will be on his agenda.

Next Wednesday “at dinner time” I will be getting on a plane to go and meet him in Cuzco. The kids will be in good hands with an English missionary gal who is a member of our church. DaRonn and I are celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary on the 23rd of November – this year we are doing it in Cuzco. I am so excited!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? So this week I have ahead of me will be perfect to build the anticipation for our rendevouz in the ancient city next to the ruins of Machu Pichu.

I love you DaRonn!



21 thoughts on “and counting

  1. Love the new pics of you two. Especially the third one from the right. ;)

    Early congratulations! You’re just the vacation queen, aren’t you?

  2. well…we could help make your time go faster…and what a sweet way to riunite!!!! Sounds awesome…my prayers are with DaRonn, and also with you and your family.

  3. Angie, I must say, you hold up under the absence of your husband so very well. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to wear all the hats you do and run the show (ministry and home) while he’s away. I mean, I love me some time alone … but I love me some man time when I need to recharge. It’s a *little* harder to do that over the phone. Perhaps this isn’t so much of a challenge for you, or perhaps God gives you a special grace for it, or perhaps it is a daily challenge, but either way … you do it well. I know for a fact that your hubby is very proud of you … and he knows best. :)

  4. congrats friend. can you believe it was that long ago that you were “angie lynn houtz soon to be washington”?

    now here you are 12 years later, a bunch o kiddos and a hemishphere away. God is good!

  5. …. and I just want to be sure that you know I’m not trying to say anything negative at all about DaRonn!! He’s got a TON on his plate as well, and does a great job with it. I was just sympathizing with you. :)

  6. @Sarah – Oh, I know the feeling.

    @Annie – God gives grace. I could get into the details of the emotions – but every time I tr to write a post like that I think to myself, “What does it matter in the long run? How I respond to this tough spot will greatly determine the effect it has on my life. Better is to choose an attitude of reliance on God for strength.” Thank you for sympathizing with me.

    @Thumbuddy – I love you!

    @Rachel – Fun is what I am counting on.

    @DaRonn – I hoped you wouldn’t mind if I used those shots. They make me happy every time I look at them.

  7. I’ll pray the week goes quickly and without incident (just why is it the light bulbs go out in the highest spots when dear hubby isn’t home??). Enjoy your time traveling…and how fun, another trip commemorating yet another special day! God must be blessing you! Smile!

  8. AH! ok girls – I JUST got that – at first I was like, “Danielle, why is that so funny?” Then I thought it was an inside joke. NOW I get it.

    If I used emoticons this would be perfect moment for the :blush: face. :-) AH!

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