Jutta erhält einen goldenen Stern

‘Jutta erhält einen goldenen Stern’ is German (I hope; you never know with those translation web sites) for: Jutta gets a gold star. One of the most delightful things about my little @ngie here is that I have such an international reader base. Jutta is from Austria but she is in Mali right now. We have just recently met-on-the-net and I am much obliged to make her acquaintance. The star picture below is a hyper-link to her blog (as are all the other star pictures from the other prize posts to the respective blogs). You may visit her bi-lingual blog if you would like.

Thanks for sharing the story of your friendship in Mexico, Jutta (pronounced Yuta), on a previous post.



7 thoughts on “Jutta erhält einen goldenen Stern

  1. @Jutta – My German is not too hot, but my on-line research skills are smokin’! :-) I keep a translation page bookmarked so if you would feel more comfortable commenting in German then feel free to go ahead and do so. :-)

  2. I so love the gold star posts! What a fun way to celebrate your readers! It makes my day seeing that others are getting a gold star!!

  3. @Libby – Oh, I am so glad to know that you like the gold star posts! There are quite a few more coming for people who responded to the challenge on Carin’s star. Fun stuff!

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