Tuesday Tip #1 – Fifteen Minute Frenzy

Category: Housework

Purpose: This is good for a quick clean up before guests come over or when you need to do some morale building in your home.

Materials: Timer with a loud buzzer (we use the microwave)

FIFTEEN MINUTE FRENZY: Bring everyone together and tell them that they are going to work for 15 minutes to help straighten the house. Divide the house into 5 sections. Clearly explain the divisions. Tell them that everyone is going to work fast and hard in section 1 for 3 minutes; then when the timer buzzes you are going to set it again for 3 minutes and focus on section 2, and continue through all five sections the same way. Work with your children; they love it when the parents are involved.

The success of this technique is: high energy, group participation, instant gratification and beat-the-clock motivation.

Testimonial: After I used this game my nine year old son said to me, “When we clean up again can we do this?” Key words ‘when’ (because he knew that we would be cleaning again) and ‘can’ (do my ears deceive me or did my son just ask for work?).


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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip #1 – Fifteen Minute Frenzy

  1. We sort of do the same thing, but it’s not quite so organized. I call out QPU (Quick Pick Up) and the kids know that it’s time to go through the house picking up books, toys, shoes, etc. and putting them back where they belong. It’s chaos while everyone runs around screaming “QPU!”, but the end result looks pretty good! They are getting better and better at it, too. :)

    BTW, relate to the “messy”…it’s not that I like disorderliness, but I just don’t seem to have the “with-it-ness” to keep everything orderly…Miguel is always getting onto me about the kitchen, esp. I can whip up a meal super-fast, but the kitchen is left a disaster in the meantime! haha! :)

  2. @Brandy – It does. :-)

    @Becky – I really like your QPU idea. Running around and screaming makes for a fun time any time if you ask me. :-)

    @Rehanna – Glad you like it

    @Sheep – Glad to be of assistance

    @Annie – I think that it would work with any age group. :-)

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