(Members of my family please be sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom of this post before voting.)

Hello dear readers! I entered an online contest and we have been encouraged to rally people together to vote. The poll is on the right hand side bar of the Coffeegirl Confessions blog. I am #2 on the list as “Angie, Bolivia”. Please go vote for me. Oh, and if you have access to various computers then you also have access to various votes; you know, if there are more than one person in your house who want me to win and all. (big grin)

Here is where you need to vote. The image just so happens to be a link to the site too.


And if you can’t see the image this link will work too:

Family disclaimer: Ok guys, you can still vote without ruining the surprise I sent to you. Just don’t scroll down the page when you click through to vote. The poll is right on the top. But if you happen to scroll down and happen to see my entry and happen to figure out the surprise then I have decided to be ok with that – – – because – – – yes – – – I do want to win that bad. :-) There’s my beautiful competitive streak shining through for you.




11 thoughts on “VOTE FOR ME

  1. Okay, just voted… but need to know, what is the radio station you’re listening to? I found KLTY out of Dallas that is a great christian radio station to listen online, but they don’t start playing their Christmas music until after Thanksgiving… do tell…

  2. This site is a link list of live streaming online radio stations. Some of the links work and some of them don’t; but there are a TON to choose from. The cool thing is that they give the kind of Christmas music it is like: traditional, acoustic, Hanukkah, rock, country, ect. Pretty fun to surf around. :-)

    Thanks for you vote!

    Here is the link:

  3. ANgie,
    I voted (for you, that is :))! Sorry I didn’t get a Tip Tuesday up. I will try for next week. We’ve had a houseguest for 3 weeks and lots of happenings around here, so I just didn’t get to it. But, I love the idea!
    And, I was just going to ask about the Christmas music link, but I saw that Laura already did.

  4. @Roxx – Thanks bunches!

    @Annie – Unavoidable votage – yay!

    @Joy – Thanks for the vote. :-) That is ok about the tips… next time… or whenever.

    @Cindy – Aaww, thank you!

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