Cuzco, Peru

Travel Log: Saturday, November 22, 2008

9:56, Cuzco, Peru

First things first: I am in Cuzco! Celebrate with me please by clapping your hands or releasing a sigh of relief or letting out a whoop of glee. Would you believe that the whole plane erupted in applause when we landed in Cuzco yesterday? It was a moving moment. But not as moving as when I saw my man! I just couldn’t stop looking at him because I was so happy to see him. We were smiling and hugging and kissing and it was a grand moment.

We stayed at the hotel long enough for me to change and gulp down a cup of coca tea to combat the wooziness due to the altitude. Then we were out the door to the conference. DaRonn has brought six members of our team up to help and give them a good experience. They were all glowing and were so happy. It was great to see that they are having such a good time. For most of them this is the first time that they have been out of Bolivia.

Then to lunch at Jack’s Cafe (super yummy) where there were llamas standing in the doorway waiting for you to take your picture with them. The little ladies in traditional wear had sparkling black eyes, toothy grins and ruddy cheeks. They said, “Peek-sure, peek-sure,” hoping that you would give them some coins for the favor of the llama photo op.

After that we saw off the visiting minister that had come to help with the conference. For pictures of the event you can click through to DaRonn’s Facebook account and look at the album entitled: First Day Cusco Conference.

Next, we crashed in the room for a wee nap. I was so tired! The good busy fun tired; but still needing to recharge.

A stop at the central plaza for ice-cream allowed us time to chat about the plans for the rest of the trip. I found out that my dear husband had a surprise for me. Before going back to Bolivia he wants to take me to Lima, Peru for a day of shopping! I am so excited about this.

After that we headed to the evening meeting of the conference. It was good to be with the people.

Our good friends Willy and Jessica Mont who pastor the church that hosted the conference wanted to take us out for dinner. When we finally left the church it was close to ten o’clock so we drove for a while and walked for a while in the cool drizzle only to find out that their favorite places had already closed. So we found a fast food spot and sat and talked with them and their kids until midnight. It was fun.

Needless to say we fell into bed for a very good night’s sleep. Today we woke up when we wanted to. DaRonn went out to take care of some arrangements and then do the final session of the conference. I chose to take it easy in the room. We will meet up for lunch.

How about some pictures? DaRonn has the cord to the camera with him. So I am relying on the kindness of strangers for these images and the ones in the links above. Click here to see a map. Click here to see an areal view of Cuzco.

And my husband has some great shots and stories on his site too that you don’t want to miss.

Thanks for all your prayers and comments!



9 thoughts on “Cuzco, Peru

  1. I’m glad to see you’re there AND having a good time AND still have lots of fun planned on your trip!

    Have fun shopping! Get something fun!

  2. Hey BFF!

    I’ve actually shopped in Lima before! They have a big outdoor mall right on the edge of a cliff. Very cool!

    So glad you’re having a good time. Enjoy your whole trip.

  3. So happy to hear you made it and you have had some good time with DH! Some of my most stressful traveling times have been those of trying to meet up with Miguel and things not quite going smoothly as planned. :( Shopping in Lima sounds GREAT!

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