Travel log: November 23, 2008

15:56, Cuzco, Peru

Today we are celebrating 12 years of marriage. It is wonderful and a gift of God that I can say I am more happy today than I was 12 years ago. I love you DaRonn!

As is the case when I post gallery shots like this you can get a full view of the picture and a short description by clicking on the shots that interest you.



10 thoughts on “Photographs

  1. Glad you made it! Great pics. I am especially jealous of the Reese’s picture. Those are the one thing I cannot get here in Japan that I absolutely miss!
    Great Tuesday tip, too-although I don’t have kids of my own:)

  2. Great way to share pictures…I did get a kick out of the statue behind DaRonn and the McFlurry…too funny! And it’s probably some important representation of local art and here I am giggling…sorry. Anyway, so glad that you are having such a great time! Congrats on the anniversary…

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