Travel log: Tuesday, November 25, 2008

6:59, Cusco, Peru

This is really us! We are really there at Machpicchu! It was so fun and so worth every effort to get there.

Machupicchu Peru
Machupicchu Peru

Now we are off to Lima.



9 thoughts on “Machupicchu

  1. from Raimy-Mom and pap you look like you are having an AWESOME time! I love and miss you too.

    from Timothy – WOW you guys are having an awesome time! I miss you and love you too.

    from Gabrielle- its looks like you are having an AWESOME time and we’ll send commments until you come back. Thats a big mountain behind this picture. I love you SO much. hugs and kisses I love you.

    from Tyler- WOW I lobe you!

    Freom Rehanna- That really is an awesome picture I’d love to get there one day!

  2. Machu Picchu! How amazing @ngie, I would love to see this one day! It looks incredible in the photo. Such an interesting civilization, I remember reading a little bit about Pachacuti, did you get to hear much of the history while you were there? Can’t wait to hear your stories xo

  3. so gorgeous it doesn’t even look real.

    way back when it was a dream of mine to get there. now i’ll live vicariously through you and check it off my list!

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