Tuesday Tip #2 – No More No

Category: Parenting

Purpose: Peace, harmony and propelling our kids to the future with a positive attitude

The success of this technique rest upon: training, consistency and gentle reminders

NO MORE NO: We train our children to respond to our instructions with an immediate affirmative answer. ‘Yes mama’ or ‘Yes papa’ is the only thing we expect to hear after we tell our children what to do. We have told them that they can ask why or get clarification only after they have responded correctly. This response is also expected if they ask for something and we decline the request or answer with no.

On ocassion negotiations are necessary and the children feel at liberty to bring these points up, yet they know that the possiblity exists that the parent stays with their initial decision and that they must have a good attitude as they obey.

Along these same lines we have also made it a point to say ‘Yes’ to our children whenever possible. This helps them to not be intimidated about coming to us when they have an idea or desire. It promotes communication which is always a good thing in the home.


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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip #2 – No More No

  1. I love hearing children mind their parents and say either yes or Okay Mom/Dad! I so hope I remember stuff like this when I’m parenting!!

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