If you could see me now

Travel log: Wednesday, November 26, 2008

15:01, Lima, Peru

If you could see me now I am nestled into a comfy chair with a grin that won’t go away. There is a pile of bags at my feet from “shoppings” we did.

If you could hear me now I am clicking away on wi-fi and humming along to familiar Christmas music being pumped in at just the right volume above the Spanish chatter around me.

If you could smell me now there is a crisp clean of mall chain store commerce and the hint of humidity from the pacific ocean spray lingering in the air.

If you could taste with me now your hands would be cupped around your favorite beverage from Starbucks and we would reminisce of the cuisine over the last few days… Pizza Hut… Japanese Steakhouse… Dukin’ Donuts… just to name a few.

If you could touch me now I would playfully squeeze your arm and ask you to pinch me to make sure that we aren’t dreaming.

If you could see me now

This evening we will be heading to the airport to take a plane that will get us to La Paz, Bolivia just after midnight. We will catch a few winks of sleep in a hotel and then fly out in the early morning. If everything goes as planned I will get to hug my kids just after they have eaten breakfast. I miss them and I have stuff to give them. It is Thanksgiving tomorrow in the States, isn’t it? I am thankful to get to see my wonderful kids that day.

DaRonn is bowling at an awesome alley here at the mall and I am plopped down with my frapuccino. Did you know they serve food here at St. Arbucks? I didn’t. Our day and a half here in Lima, Peru have been spent at the mall. In all of Bolivia there is not one mall. It was surreal to walk down the middle of the mall and feel like I was in the United States. It makes one contemplate when the connection to ones natal home is one of consumerist ambiance. It is what it is. If I had been raised on the beach any beach would remind me of home. If in the mountains then the mountains would be homey. As it is the mall was a part of my growing up scenery. So I am feeling at home.

We were making some comparisons between some of the major cities we have seen in South America: Santiago, Lima and Buenos Aires. Of the three Lima is the favored because it is the one that has the most Latin feel; though it is still very advanced. When we fly back to Bolivia we always say that we are getting into our time travel machine to go back in time, but that is an altogether other blog topic.

Mama is coming home soon babies. I love you kids!



8 thoughts on “If you could see me now

  1. Wow, @ngie, you guys have some wonderful experiences, great to hear that you’re having such a good time, feeling so relaxed, drinking lots of coffee :), and also that you get to see your children tomorrow – that’s great! It’ll be lovely for us to have you “home” too. Bless you both xo

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