Putting it Together

Tyler said a two word sentence this morning! He has been playing around with Spanish, English, Sign language, and Spanglish saying one word at a time. He could repeat two words but today all on his own he put two words and said them as a sentence. Right now you are wondering two things: what were the two words and what language were they spoken in. The language was Spanish. The sentence was: No hay nada; ¿ves?

Now you are counting and you say that there are four words, not two. Well, in Tyler’s vocabulary the first three words are like one word. Together they mean ‘there is none’. He points to the cupboard or the refridgerator and says what he wants. If the cookies or juice are not there then we tell him, “No hay nada.” And he is contented to ask for something else or just go off and do something else.

This morning there was no juice made. When he pointed I opened the refridgerator for him and he looked around. Then said, “No hay nada; ¿ves?” The last word means: see. It was so cute because he put his hands out to his sides with his palms up and had this matter of fact look on his face. He is putting it together.

tyler two-years-old

Another funny two-words = one-word thing that he says is from the movie Madagascar. He starts dancing and says, “Move it!” Ha! It gets us all laughing when he does that.

Of course he thinks he is having a conversation with us at times and rambles off a long string of word-like sounds in varying tones. I imagine that these are signs that he is so close to being a talker.

The most precious thing is when we are sitting down to eat and he puts his hands together, closes his eyes and in a low voice makes a bunch of noises and then ends with an emphatic, “Amen!”

Celebrating these milestones of my children is so exciting for me. Our Heavenly Father celebrates our seemingly small steps that we take on this journey of growth. What step of growth in your own life can you celebrate today?



12 thoughts on “Putting it Together

  1. Ha. He speaks Spanish better than I do! :) But I can at least say I understood what he said before translated. Hooray, go me.
    Super cute pic, I love his smile!
    And for a step of growth for me is still always putting my trust in God. I find myself doing it more every day. I still struggle with it.
    Have a great day!

  2. Nice!!! What a cutie!
    Natalie also loved Madagascar. We have video of her when she was 8 or 9 months old, in her bouncy seat, bouncing along to the beat of “Move it, move it!”

    God is teaching me (always!) that HE is my strength. Learning more and more these past few days!

  3. On Thanksgiving Anna said something to the tune of “Love you!”

    And today Emma told my parents that she “freaked out” when she got on the train the other day!

  4. Yea for Tyler! That communicating thing is tricky with so many languages swirling around him :) but he’s getting the hang of it :) And can I just say that I think that is my all time favorite picture of him… oh my goodness, so precious!

  5. Cute!

    I remember cracking up when my daughter bowed and prayed, “Blah, blah, blah, blah, bla, AMEN!”

    Makes you wonder what they think we say when we’re praying!

  6. Angie,

    How sweet and exciting! He’ll be talking up a storm in no time.

    Your mentioning his prayer reminded me of what David used to say every time he’d pray, when he was two-ish. He would always say something that sounded like “Thanks-a-Lord a Jesus comes…” It was so darn cute and I giggle whenever I remember it.

    I’ve been out of town the past few days, but I am going to sit down soon and check out all your travel logs!

  7. Beautiful Ange – thanks for sharing! I remember when Lochlainn reached that stage of knowing the rhythm and intonation of English, but none of the words, and he’d have the most wonderful conversations with us that meant nothing to us!! (But I’ll bet, like when Tyler prays, God knows what they’re saying.)

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