Traditions of the Season

Pictured below are some of the traditions of this Christmas season that we have in our family.

Advent Candles

This is a tradition carried on from my childhood. My aunt would paint one advent candle for each family on my mom’s side. This year I painted the candles for my parents, grandparents, my siblings and our house. We will burn the candles one number a day from today until Christmas.


I was so happy to be able to get them finished, wrapped up and in the mail so that they would arrive on time.

December First

Today is December first. Here are my three oldest with the candle.

The Tree is Up

We got the tree set up today as well.

Thumbnail detail of the tree

Here is a close up of the tree. We put family snapshots with the year printed on them on the branches.

Toyy Give-Away

Later on this month we will give away toys with the church. This picture is from last year when our church of barely 200 members gave away toys to 1,000 kids.


The last few years that we have been here in Cochabamba, Bolivia on Christmas there have been rainbows in the sky because we are in the rainy season. I wonder if we will have a rainbow this year too.

What traditions are you observing this season?



8 thoughts on “Traditions of the Season

  1. What a gorgeous rainbow. An extra gift from God on Christmas, too!

    Our tree is informal, with handcrafted ornaments, funny ornaments, and old ornaments.

    The favorite ornament is the Death Star from Return of the Jedi that has the Emperor’s voice recorded: “As you can see, my young apprentice, your friends have failed you…” We love it.

    You find your nostalgia where you can. ;)

  2. Great traditions! I love the pictures! Traditions … are still in the making. Apparently we just created a ‘get the tree, come home, set it up, make dinner, have wine, start a fire, sit down with dinner and watch a good movie’ tradition. :) It was nice. I would LOVE good traditions. We didn’t have much (or any) growing up. Love yours!

  3. we’ll be decorating our house this week… i’m not feeling festive yet (it’s so hard to under the equator), but once my house looks christmassy, hopefully i’ll start to feel it too!

  4. The candles are so beautiful! What a neat idea! What kind of paint do you use on them?

    Oh my, speaking of Christmas traditions, I haven’t made my Christmas cards yet!

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