Being a parent means learning how to build. The prayer of my heart is to not mess up too much. Then I trust that God will do what he needs to with my precious ones. Being mama is the most scary most thrilling and most wonderful thing that I have ever done.

My Builder

Our school year starts in February and runs through to November. We are in for some big changes this coming year. Our most current project as a mission is starting a Christian grade school. It really is coming together better than I imagined. We have decided to enroll our kids in the school. So in just a couple months I will be laying aside the roll as primary academic educator for my children. There has been a struggle in my heart getting to the place where I can say that I am at peace. There are so many factors that have come into this decision, but at the end of the day we feel it is the right thing for this time in our lives and I am excited.



17 thoughts on “Building

  1. What a big step for you! Can’t imagine making that decision (yet anyway!) especially when you have been homeschooling your kids for so long, and now making the big step to put them in school. Will be praying that it will go well – for them AND for you!

  2. I had to take that step from homeschooling, to public and then private education. I won’t lie to you, it was a hard transition. But it was necessary and we’ve all been blessed in many ways through “stepping out.” Not to imply it’s all been rosey, but it has been doable.

    This being a mission school in which you guys are involved, I wouldn’t worry. God is everywhere, not only in our homeschool environments.


  3. I was hijacked by GiGi this morning! LOL I have missed you! Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, ministry, family, seem to be keeping me real busy lately, but it will slow down after the holidays a little. Love your cut in the avatar!! hot mama!

    You are right we really have to trust that the Lord knows what HE is doing with our children, and sometimes the hardest thing for me is laying them in HIS hands. Seems dumb when I know how trustworthy those hands are…but from one mama to another…this is the hard one! love ya Princess, and I will catch up with you soon! (awesome to come home this morning with lots of pics of you on my blog!!)

  4. Glad you said you were handing over the ACADEMIC education of your kids to others. Being a Mom is a never-ending contract as i’m sure you know all too well :-)

    It is essential for our kids to be introduced to a wide range of ideas and concepts concerning the real world they live in, ( wider than we alone can offer to them) but your role as their primary educator of values and what it really means to be a loving, purposeful human being cannot, and will not, change.

    i’m sure you will make all efforts to maintain and increase the good relationships and presenting the best role model for the behaviour of your kids that you can – even if they are learning some lesser things from those you entrust their schooling to now. ;-)


  5. Angie,

    I sooo agree with you that being a mom is scary and thrilling. There have been times that I have felt like a failure as a mother, but I pray all the time that God will make up for my short-comings.

    I’m so glad that he has blessed me with encouraging friends like you!

  6. Thank you all for your prayers – they really mean alot to me.

    I was able talk on the phone with my mom yesterday and she had some really encouraging things to say about the new change.

    My role? Mama of some kids in the school. And I am perfectly fine with that.

  7. I thought that, too, when I put my kids in a small Christian school (which by the way has turned out to be the place of the greatest emotional and practical support for me during this really rough time!) – I thought I was handing over the academic education of my kids. I wasn’t. I found that out later. I was getting assistance with it, that was all. I still hold the responsibility, and there is still a lot of work to do. The school teaches them, but I have to make sure they learn well. I work on homework and teaching them how to and why we learn.

    My kids each struggle in different areas, and I am responsible for making sure they get the extra help they need. (Yeah, and they excel in different areas, too! I’m proud of them.) The school helps, teaches, and loves my kids; but I am still responsible for their education.

    What I love now, with all my kids in school, is the ability to give back. Years of homeschooling are useful now as I go into the school during the week and volunteer to tutor kid who are struggling. It’s been a joy to do that and to see big changes in other kid’s lives, too.

    When I joined a school, I joined a community. Through it, I’ve been blessed, my kids have been blessed, and I’ve been able to bless others, too.

    And, no, it is not perfect. We have one subject that is taught in a way that totally frustrates me, my kids, and most people who have that type of a background. I can work towards change, if possible, but I also have learned I can continue to homeschool my kids in this subject to make up for the deficiencies. It works. It is worth it, too. I am blessed being a part of the community at the school and my kids are learning a lot, too – some things I am happy about and other things…. well, it is an opportunity for some good chats!

  8. Wow, Ellie. See, it is stuff like this that hasn’t even entered into my brain yet. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me about your experiences. I am sorry to hear that you are going through a rough time.

  9. Angie,
    I totally respect your decision. At the beginning of last year, we made the difficult decision to put our son in the school after I had dreamed of homeschooling for so long. It was different than your situation, I hadn’t even homeschooled him yet! It was a hard decision to make, but in the end, it was the right one. And, as you know, when it is God’s will, there is peace. And it sounds like you are experiencing that now….peace knowing that your decision is the right one. I will pray for you, that this will be a great year for you and the kids!!

  10. Joy, I remember you mentioning that about your son. The strangest thing about the peace that passes understanding is that sometimes there are still so many questions swirling around but we are able to set that chaos aside and find the still place and rest in Him.

    Thanks for the prayers Sheep – they are much appreciated.

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