Tuesday Tip #3 – Work with your Kids

Category: Parenting

Purpose: Strengthen your relationship with your kids, improve morale in the home and model maturity

The success of this technique is: a vision for the future, kindness, patience, gentleness, well actually all the fruit of the Spirit is handy here

WORK WITH YOUR KIDS: “Can I help you?” is a common question from younger children. If your common response is something along the lines of, “You can help me by staying out of the way,” (oh, come on, we have all done it) then you can expect this willing attitude to not last very long. It takes some creativity and patience to find a way that your child can be involved in what you are doing but in the long run you will be pleased with the results. Don’t just dish out orders. Get in there and work with your kids.

Testimonial: My ten year old sat for an hour reading out loud to me the other night because she knew that I wanted to be involved in her life. Those moments make all the trying times worth it. Involve your kids in what you do so that they know what being a mature adult looks like.


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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip #3 – Work with your Kids

  1. I’ve made the decision to not be too busy to always being saying “yes, yes…in a minute…when mommy is done with…”. i’ve started saying out loud for them to hear (and for me to hear) “you are not inconvenient”. it reminds me of the real priorities.

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  3. Oh, how many times have I done that? The next time one of my kids asks me if they can help, I will give them an emphatic yes!

    We all need to hear this once in a while.

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