All Stars: Sarah “Junglewife”, Laura, Joy, Ellie, Alan “Sheep”

You know I love giving out gold stars! A while back I gave a star to Carin. Embedded in that message was a nudge to go encourage her and her family (they are getting ready to come to Bolivia as missionaries) accompanied by a promise for a gold star. There were five people that responded who hadn’t yet received a gold star here at @ngie.

As I have interacted with these precious people either online or face-to-face I can tell you with confidence that each one of them would have responded to my challenge even if they never received a prize – simply because they are just so cool like that.

Look at these beautiful people!


What a sweet family she has! You can find this lovely missionary at:


I get to see that smile in real life because my friend Laura lives minutes away from me, but you can find her at:


This woman calls herself the “stay at home missionary” and is a great encouragement to keep first things first. You won’t regret visiting her at:


If she has a blog she is going to have to let me know about it because from reading just the thoughtful and sincere comments she leaves on my site I know that she has good things to impart to other readers.

EDIT: Hey guys, Sarah knows her! Thanks for the link:


This man demonstrates true humility and a God-infused strength. He can be found at:



9 thoughts on “All Stars: Sarah “Junglewife”, Laura, Joy, Ellie, Alan “Sheep”

  1. I can’t believe how much a missed during a busy week of meetings and a week of traveling. I am way behind in reading blogs, let alone comment. And there are so many other things that I need to catch up.

  2. Woo-hoo my first star… and can I say how silly I am? I was reading on your blog and because I’ve been having some problems with my laptop lately thought, oh no, here comes the end of my laptop, even the screen is on the blink :) so glad to know it’s just “snowing” :)

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