Tuesday Tip #4 – Attitude is Almost Everything

Category: Personal

Purpose: Longevity of life based on outlook, being pro-active rather than re-active

Materials: poster making stuff

The success in this tip is: a desire to change and anti-perfectionist efforts

ATTITUDE IS ALMOST EVERYTHING: In the bible we read in the letter to the Philippians that we are the ones who decide what we think about. To help change the direction of your attitude it helps to put up sign posts so that you can avoid those wrong turns to the dark alley of negativity. Below are listed some practical phrases that you can read aloud throughout the day if they are posted in prominent places like: your dashboard, your refrigerator, and your bathroom mirror. Change the phrases every once in a while for some fresh perspective.


Be cool

Drop the anxiety and pick up the peace

People don’t care what you know until they know that you care

If it is big enough to worry about it is big enough to pray about


Hug someone

Your attitude is contagious. Is it worth catching?

Listen to someone

Say I love you


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13 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip #4 – Attitude is Almost Everything

  1. As I am reading through these I realize that they might seem trite or cliche to you. With whatever phrase you choose to put before your eyes it needs to be significant. Make it personal by choosing something that addresses a change you would like to see. You can make it up even.

  2. I’m in the process of making some really cool art with Scriptures that help me keep it in perspective.

    And all across our kitchen we have a Scripture declaring praise to God.

  3. I love this.

    I keep scripture before my eyes. Just like Danielle said, it’s part of the decor in my home. It helps so much. Especially on those days I find I’m staring into space, wondering where life is going. Thankfully my eyes will fall upon a picture with scripture I need to remember.

    Have you checked out gitzengirl.blogspot.com yet? She has some great sayings as well.

  4. I have even gone so far as buying window markers and writing out the fruits of the spirit on a window I spend a fair bit of time in front of. You can’t help but see it.
    I find myself every day praying that I would show the fruit in my life for my children to witness.
    Thanks for the tips Angie.

  5. Thanks for the tip – so true!

    Caught between the stuff not-yet-finished and the stuff not-yet-begun, at work, I’m going to put this message on the top of my computer screen:

    Help is available

    I so easily fall into shame and guilt because I forget this truth and think everything relies on me, rather than considering that others might be gracious and let me off the hook if only I ask – AND that I serve a God who is more than willing to strengthen, guide, provide…no matter how much a mess I’ve made of things: “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.” (James 1:5)

    * * *

    My dad used to be pretty deep in the New Age movement and felt the need to affirm his divine characteristics, to himself. So one day he got on his computer and made signs to go all over the house – on the wall, on the fridge, on the mirror, even on the steering wheel of his car. They all said, “I am brilliant.”

    Only this was the 80s, and spell check hadn’t been invented yet … so all the signs said, instead, “I am billiant.”

    Needless to say, my sister and I teased him without mercy and he took them all down.

  6. Marti, you have me cracking up with that story! Also, your phrase ‘Help is available’ is something I need to remind myself of often.

    Carin, window markers is a great idea!

    Michelle and Danielle, I love the idea of using our creativity and love of beauty to make these messages a part of the decor of our home. Yes, I did check out the link. I was inspired.

    Mom, enjoy your real snow!

  7. Love the snow! Thought it was a bug on my screen or something at first…LOL! That is so cool! I like how it “sticks” at the bottom of the screen, too!!!!

    “billiant”! That’s a great story! :)

    I love to type or write things out and post them, much to my husband’s amusement…so of course, I think this is a great idea! Right now I have Phil. 4:8 on my fridge and in the hallway…reminds to counter negative thought patterns.


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