Today is game day here on @ngie. It has been a while since we played Interrogative; so to refresh your memory we play in the comment section. You read the last comment which will include a question. In your comment you answer that question, then, you leave a new question for the next person who comes to play. And the best part about it is that you can play as much as you want all day / night because the game will be up for about 24 hours. Have fun!


First question to get us started: What is your home like?



27 thoughts on “Interrogative

  1. Cozy! Homey! I love my home. I still have some organizing and decorating to do since we moved in about 5 months ago, but I love my home! I love the lighting in the living room, and how homey and cozy it is, especially with the Christmas decorations up!

    Do you open presents on Christmas day or Christmas eve? (or at all!)

  2. We open presents from sisters (there are 4 of us) on Christmas eve and then other family on Christmas day – its a v nice tradition with all the family together the day before Christmas :)

    What is your favourite smell of Christmas? ( mine is definitely the smell of a fresh tree!)


  3. Angie, Love the banner.

    Amanda, My favorite song is “Grandama got ran over by a reindeer” because it is different and fun. Also I like “Jingle Bell Rock”. In fact I kinda like them all.

    What comercial things most brings you into the Christmas spirit?

  4. Right now, since I’m stateside… I would have to say the red cup from Starbucks.

    What is one thing you can do today to show someone in your life how much you value them?

  5. Give them lots of sugar cookies! :o)

    The phrase ‘to each his own’ gets me to thinking that each of us have our quirks and individual way of doing things. What is one of your ‘owns’ that makes you unique?

  6. i don’t like to clean up right after i eat dinner that i’ve fixed. i like to sit and read to the girls or talk to branson. if i clean up right after i’ve eaten, i feel like i’ve been on my feet for hours, ha ha. so the dishes wait until i get my second wind which is usually just before bedtime. i don’t know very many women who can leave the kitchen a mess that long! but i sure can :)

  7. Putting clean sheets on the bed, I absolutely love crawling into a bed with fresh sheets at the end of the day.
    What is your favorite baking you do at Christmas, and if you don’t bake what is your favorite to eat?

  8. I often times am too busy to bake…but I too like to make frosted sugar cookies. My mom wrote a cook book and titled her sugar cookies, “Libby’s Favorite Sugar Cookies”! When I give her cookbooks out I often tell people that the are required to give me 2 sugar cookies each time they make ’em. Evidently, I need to hand out a LOT more cookbooks!!

    Does your family have a traditional Christmas Eve/Christmas day meal…something you ALWAYs eat?? (My mom always made Wild Rice Soup which we ate with oyster crackers…it was perfect when we were in MN visiting!!)

  9. Traditional meal, hm? No, not really. Christmas dinner was always somewhat related to Thanksgiving dinner in style. The only thing I could say perhaps is my Mom’s homemade cranberry sauce (YUM!) although that’s more of a Thanksgiving thing than Christmas thing.

    What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

  10. Just one!!! Okay how about my orphanage is fully funded and that we adopt a child and we get a new car and we start the Christian school successfully and we get new furniture and I become the best bowler in the country and the church grows and abunch of other things I do not have time to list. If you think this is too many then just take out the “ands”.

    If you could have 16 inches of snow for Christmas or have it 110 degrees which one would you chooses?

  11. My hope for 2009 is that all our funding comes together and we make our new home in Bolivia, we learn spanish well and start to serve those we are being sent to serve. Amen.

    What is one hope you have for your family?

  12. One hope for my family is that they come to know and walk with Jesus. Mom’s the only believer and she seems to have lost her power source. May God grant us all repentance and a hunger for the friendship he offers!

    Who do you take after the most, your mom or your dad?

  13. By the way, I would take the snow ANY day: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, my birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Secretary’s Day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and twice on Sunday. I LOVE the snow!

    Now, who do I take after most? People say I look like my mom.

    What is your earliest Christmas memory?

  14. I remember as a pre-schooler being taken by my grandparents to see the Nutcracker ballet, my grandma made me a white shawl with silver through it and my mom made me a red and white dress. Apparently I fell asleep during it, but I remember feeling so grown up.

    Real or fake Christmas tree?

  15. If I am in the States, it has to be a real tree. I just love the smell of them! When I am home in the desert of Kenya it has to be fake, but I have a pine scented candle that I occasionally burn so I can still get the smell. I long for snow so that the tree would be flocked, but instead I get flocks of sheep and goats :).

    Do you have a favorite advent tradition?

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  17. my favorite advent tradition is christmas eve live nativity service at my church. and it has to be a real tree!! snow and not 110, but in February I would LOVE to slip away from winter and spend some time in some really hot weather :). i love clean sheets, too. okay, new question:

    snow skiing or water skiing?

  18. Since i have tried water skiing, I’d have to say snow skiing. Although, to see me on the slopes it’s more like sledding, not skiing, and people better get the heck outta the way or they’ll be squished by my 280 pounds of manliness! However, Emily has tried water skiing and maybe next summer I’ll give it a try. Like Angie, snow any day over 110 degrees. That’s too hot to enjoy breathing.

    If you were going to go on vacation leaving on Christmas day, where would you go and what would you do?

  19. Assuming I could afford it (grin), I would go with my family to Mexico, to the home town of my hubby’s family and just enjoy a week or so of hangin’ out, visiting relatives and enjoying the warmer weather and slower pace.

    Okay, I’ll also answer DaRonn’s question (hi, DaRonn), since it got skipped. What age did I stop believing in Santa? I don’t know! I don’t remember ever really believing in Santa Claus, any more than I’ve ever believed in the tooth fairy.

    What is your favorite Christmas goody?

  20. This was a fun time. It was nice to see a few new people playing along; welcome!

    To close this game out I will answer the final question:

    My favorite Christmas goody is, oh, now the name has escaped me, they make them using cast iron forms that you dip into batter and then deep fry for a few seconds and then when they are cooled you sprinkle powdered sugar on them and they are light and crunchy and taste like funnel cakes. Those are my favorite.

    Until next time my friends… :o)

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