Gingerbread houses and their decorators:

My recipe makes six houses and six trees. Good to know. The kids had a good time frosting and sticking and licking and tasting the houses and their decorations.

I learned something about myself while we were doing this project… I like to frost cookies. It is like the reward for all the mixing, baking and waiting that comes before it. Good thing I made a double batch so that I can have some frosting fun in the next few days.


11 thoughts on “Gingerbread

  1. Don’t you just love gingerbread creations?!?!?
    We haven’t made our gingerbread people yet, we get together with cousins and decorate them together. The cousins arrive on Sunday or Monday, so we will bake them on Saturday :)

  2. Beautiful houses! I always want to do a gingerbread house, but never get around to it. We did something almost as cool this year, though. We made a little Christmas village out of Legos. All I need is some little battery-operated tea-lights to put inside them and they’ll be perfect.

  3. FYI everybody – that much dough rolling is a great bicep workout that creates great soreness the next day. Ouuuuch! :-/

    Mo – Yes, we are the village people. Ha!

    Birgit – It is a great family activity.

    Becky – Wow! The Lego village sounds like a great idea! Pictures please. :-)

    Carin – My kids’ cousins are doing gingerbread stuff on that side of the equator too.

    Annie – :-)

    Amanda – see the next post.

    Danielle – The two year old did one cookie; the bigger kids had more dexterity for the decorating.

    Alece – Ages eh? :-)

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