Friendship is…


This package came from Karina in New Zealand.

We all got candy and books. So fun!
We all got candy and books. So fun!

This gift came from my friend Denise here in Cochabamba. (The @ symbol, I love coffee [k@ffe] AND green is my favorite color! – perfect!)

The perfect mug!
The perfect mug!

This package came from my mom in the States.

We got $, glow stars and sparkly, light-up, snowman snow globes.
We got $, glow stars and sparkly, light-up, snowman snow globes.

Some things I don’t have a picture of. My friend Beth gave me a present of really cute Christmas decorations. My friend Laura gave me a sweet Mary Englebright card. A gal at the church ladies gift exchange gave me a festive cookie jar.

The most wonderful gift I have been given (and I don’t think anyone will top it this year) came from my Father in Heaven. He gave me hope, which is the greatest gift anyone could receive. I am hopeful about the things I can see on the horizon coming our way. What’s more is that I am hopeful about the things that I cannot yet see but I know that they are there because I know my God. He is good! His mercies fail not! I am His and He is mine. He is my Beloved King. I walk with Him in hope.

Merry Christmas!!!



15 thoughts on “Friendship is…

  1. Merry Christmas to you too, Angie! It is so fun to get packages, and even better to have friends that love you so much!

    God is so good. I never run out of things to thank Him for. Which makes me think of something my pastor said at church on Sunday. It went something like this: Nobody should be cranky. If you’re cranky, get on your knees before God because it’s a spiritual issue. With all that God has done for us, we have nothing to be cranky about.

    So true!

    I wonder what other gifts you’ll be receiving this year. Wondering is part of the fun of the season. :-)

  2. Alece – that it is indeed

    Danielle – Jesus knows just what I like

    Amy E. – Yes ma’am

    Libby Lu – I think I did :o)

    Becky – You are a clever one! We got the boys package and we are waiting on the girls one. THANK YOU!!!

    Annie – I understand you. :o) I emailed you but just for the comment readers I will say… as far as the 5 love languages are concerned my preferred is words of affirmation but I am strategically training myself to be fluent in all 5. DaRonn is principally acts of service, but he, too, is learning to speak my language and may come across as a words guy (especially since that is how most of you know him… through the words on our blogs).

  3. Rachel – Then you will especially a soon coming post about a spoon that recently arrived in the mail for me from a dear friend. :-)

    Birgit – Yes, really from all over, so awesome!

    Mrs. Aguirre – Yes it is!

  4. I picked up the package the other day and I was thinking “who in the world do I know in New Zealand?” Then when I got the package it was a special treat. Especially inside. I got Snickers and socks! All is right in the world.

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