Recipes for Gingerbread and Frosting

For Amanda :-) and anyone else who is interested…

Gingerbread from my trusty Betty Crocker:

There is a frosting there that probably works great, but I used a different one.

  • 2 egg whites slightly beaten
  • 5 cups powdered sugar
  • 1 – 2 tablespoons of milk

Mixed well to the desired consistency. That is for the mortar to build the houses. After the houses are built with the thicker paste then you can add more milk to make it easier to squeeze out to ‘glue’ the candies on. Actually this amount of frosting was not quite enough for all the decorating we did so I whipped out a can of cake frosting I had in the cupboard and it seems to work just as well – with less mixing. Ha!


4 thoughts on “Recipes for Gingerbread and Frosting

  1. We used to make the houses out of milk cartons and graham crackers. The “glue” was store-bought frosting and it worked pretty well. I would love to make an actual gingerbread house, though.

  2. You know, Andrew (my husband) was just telling me last night how much he was craving gingerbread. This is great! Although I might just make cookies. I’m not sure I’m up for building houses. We just frosted sugar cookies, and I think I’ve licked enough frosting off my fingers to last me till next Christmas.

  3. Becky – love the milk carton idea! That would have been tons easier!

    Amanda – Oh wow, that is a tricky one… hm, let me know how you solve that. The other name for powered sugar is confectioners sugar, maybe you could find it in a store that way.

    Amy E. – That is so cool! I love it when things work out like that. :o)

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