Adoption Survey

Below is a survey. I am curious about my readers. You can enter your ‘vote’ and then ‘vote’  again with a different answer if more than one answer applies to you.

The poll is anonymous. You can use the statements as springboards to expound in the comments section if you would like to. Results should be displayed immediately as each new ‘vote’ is registered so you can come back to see them if you are curious as well.

Thanks so much for your participation!



18 thoughts on “Adoption Survey

  1. I had a foster sister for a short time when I was probably eight and she was probably 13.
    I think I would like to adopt a child or a sibling group, sometimes Duane and I are in agreement on this and sometimes we are not:-)
    I think if God has it up his sleeve for us, it will happen. It is not something we are seeking out though.

  2. putting on my research hat for a minute – let me suggest: if you are trying to gauge how many of your readers these things are true about, you might want to add some negative statements, at least “None of the above.”

    Of course – happy to pray for and cheer on the awesome people who give themselves to orphaned children!

  3. Carin – That is a good attitude to have; being open to the option should God arrange it

    Marti – Oh, that is a good point! I will have to keep that in mind for next time I do a poll. Thanks!

    Thumbuddy – That totally counts. I am glad you added your part in this survey.

  4. Fostering and adoption have been near and dear to my heart for a long long time. We started fostering special needs kids even before we had our own children. The fostering continued until our 4th child was 3 and we were fostering a little Down’s Syndrome new born who became a permanent part of our family. We only had a few crack babies as foster children after that. I have never figured out how many years or how many children were involved. I just knew that I wanted to hold babies. And most of our foster children were new borns with special needs, who generally benefitted from a lot of holding. And I can remember as a child myself playing orphanage instead of playing house.

  5. none really applied. Hubby and I are ‘open’ for adoption. We’re not going to ‘make’ it happen unless God makes it obvious that is what He wants us to do. Many years ago, I used to be ‘nope’ about adoption. Now think I was so silly about that. I have friends that are adopted. One adopted from China. I have friends that have adopted because of infertility and some that adopted after biological kids. I have a friend who has fostered 3 kids here in Guatemala before their adoptions were final. I could go on, :) But not me personally… yet… waiting on God. So excirted for you and your family. We’re current;y expecting #3 in May 2009. *hugs*

  6. I have an adopted brother. I would also love to adopt some day if it is God’s will for our family. God has blessed us immensely with our three kids, but there’s always room to love one more.

  7. I’ve worked in an orphange, had a foster ‘sibling’ and would like to foster in the future! I’d also like to see a church programme where much more christian families are taking in ‘the fatherless’ into their homes!

  8. Hi,

    Was tag surfing and saw your post. Just wanted to point out that if you’re trying to find out how your readers are connected to adoption, you missed an entire category of the triad: birth parents.

    I’m not a regular reader but if I were, this would have bemused me a bit.

    Just a suggestion for next time.

  9. My dad was adopted, and I definitely plan on adopting children as well. I think I mentioned this already, but in Brasil I worked with street kids and wanted to take them all home with me :) I think its absolutely wonderful that you’re adopting!!!

  10. Did I tell you the story about right after Gary and I got married? We were talking about how many children we wanted (a follow-up to dating conversations) and I told him that I would love an African American baby. I of course meant that I would love to adopt one and he in all his wit and humor looked at me and said… Then Honey, I think you might have married the wrong man :)

  11. I was in foster care when in HighSchool, and it was a God send for me.
    I would love to adopt, but financially it is not possible.

    I have considered fostering…

    the poll only let me pick one thing…

    Love ya Girl, hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!!

  12. I was raised by my grandparents, not sure where that fits in. My husband & I would love to adopt. I chose that one for sure. Blessings to your family in this adventure & to anyone else that will be or is on this adventure also.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

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