Culture Collection “Household Names”

These are some household products that we use here in the Washington house in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Click the image for a closer look and a witty little description (well, not all of them are witty, but some are).



11 thoughts on “Culture Collection “Household Names”

  1. Sarah – That is awesome that you have Omo there too! It’s a small world. Then maybe there is hope for Frapps too. :-)

    Amy – They are like the little packets you get at fast food restaurants only Ginormous in comparison.

    Julie – Sorry to hear it bugs you, friend. I always thought it was good for the environment and more economical. I did stop buying bleach in bags the day I was trying to open it and it sprayed all over me. That was not fun. But one thing I crave when I am in the States is Chicolac (chocolate milk in a little bag) in the individual size – yummy!

  2. Angie,
    Thanks so much for the grocery tour of your house, I appreciate it more than you know. These things will have a great importance to my family in a short period of time.


  3. The milk in the bag thing is the one that usually gets people but when you think about it it makes sense. It is easier to pack, takes up less space, etc.

  4. Hi Angie,

    Happy New Year! I just found you through coffeegirl. I’m a missionary serving in Paraguay and we have all the same food products you posted (minus Bimbo bread!). May God bless you in a special way and we pray the adoption of your little girl goes without a hitch!


  5. Julie – Welcome! We are neighbors, hola! Thanks for clicking through and letting me know you stopped by. I appreciate your well wishes for the adoption. Blessings to you!

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