Tuesday Tip #7 – Motivate and Energize

Categories: Personal, Family and Work

Purpose: Make life more enjoyable, teach skills for combating monotony and learn cause and effect

Materials: prize bag, reward box, change jar

The success of this technique lies in: an understanding that we do not bribe our kids rather we teach them that you can get paid for a job well done

MOTIVATE AND ENERGIZE: I use this technique on myself as often as I do with the kids. Find out what a simple motivation is for each individual of your family and then stock up on that item so that you can motivate for quicker results. Here are some examples: coffee (that is mine), candy, coins, stickers, and outings.

Energizers are just like motivators yet non material and just as important. Use these liberally. Examples are: smiles, privileges, timed work (this is an energizer for some and discourages others), positive nicknames, pep rally before a big task, and work in teams.

Interchange between material and non-material.

Storytelling is a energizer I use to engage the imagination of my kids and make work fun. I tell them a true story from my past that relates to the task at hand. They love stories!


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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip #7 – Motivate and Energize

    1. Anita la animadora – If I am anything I am an imitator of geniuses. All the tips I put here one Tuesdays are ones that I have picked up from somebody else. But thanks for the pat on the back. You made me smile.

  1. I think that is so key. I think that kids should be understanding the concept of rewards and benefits from a young age. Glad you do that with our kids.

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