Hats off to You

At our annual New Years party at church we have a fun surprise waiting for us when we show up: hats! We never quite know what they are going to put on our heads each year. They seem to try to outdo themselves. I wonder what they will come up with 364 days from now.

Happy 2007!
Happy 2007!
Happy 2008!
Happy 2008!

Happy 2009!
Happy 2009!

Any suggestions so I could drop some hints to them about a desirable style for 2010?



15 thoughts on “Hats off to You

  1. Tell them that DaRonn really loves Holly Hobbie bonnets. And you’re interested in a 70s pimp hat (complete with purple feather).

    You’re welcome. ;)


  2. Thumbuddy – reminds me of the “Go. Dog Go!” book

    Mo – It’s a conspiracy I tell ya’ :-)

    Amy E. – Hm, now that sounds like attire for a fiesta!

    Steph Steph bo Beph BFF – Oh yes, a purple feather indeed! Thanks!

  3. Michelle – As my mom used to say to statements like that when raising us five, “The kids keep me young.” :-) Or maybe it is because I celebrated my second sweet sixteen last June. At any rate… thanks!

  4. Becky – Yes, I think that we could easily add another foot or two onto those monstrosities.

    Mandie – This year is my fav’ so far, too, because we match. :-)

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