Vlogs are Invading

It worked!

Here on @ngie we are happy to announce the arrival of vlogs! Vlogs are video blog entries. My first one is posted as a welcome on a page of it’s own called: hi! video. It is very very rudimentary. For a few months now I have had some ideas sloshing around in my brain for vlogs to post here so as I learn how to do things like captions, splicing, music and fades I will be presenting to you my creations.

Tah dah! Click here to see the video. It’s nice to meet you.

What do you think about putting a voice to the words you so graciously read?



19 thoughts on “Vlogs are Invading

  1. Alece – You are so eloquent in writing! Would you believe that for those tiny 90 seconds I used cue cards? Ha! And that was after three drafts. Knowing the analytical editor in me I said to myself before I hit play, “You are going to be happy with this. Period.” :-) It was fun! I am super excited about this new feature here on @.

  2. thanks for being honest! for all our ministry videos, i’ve always needed quite a few takes, and the perfectionist in me still wishes i could have said things “better”. but… there’s much to be said about some shoot-from-the-hit spontaneity! i bet you could pull that off well… once you get rolling on the vlog train.

  3. Travel by train is very enjoyable. I think I like that “vlog train”. Might work on a little logo… hm. Goes well with the road / driving / travel / car / trip theme here. The wheels are turning…

  4. Hey @ngie you did it!! Woo Hoo! I will have to say, keep making them as casual as you can. We have a pastor who is now doing this and his first one was all set up and firmal looking and he was so ‘stiff’ and it just wasn’t him! I actually typed a ‘feedback’ email and deleted it, yeah one of those, heehee. Keep yours the way you did it… REAL! Woo Hoo!!!

    And while watching your “Hi!” video I was thinking.. ok mom with four kids and ministry and hubby and a house and laundry, dishes, etc… How is she doing this!??? what is was your secret! I guess it helps because right now, your kids are over 2 years old! heehee

    Anyhoo, thanks for JUMPING into faith with this one and putting yourself out there for Christ!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Jackie – Happy New Year to you too! Keys to success (ha! if that’s what you call it.) are: outlets / distractions / fun stuff, a wonderful husband, house maid! (yes!), and, lest we forget Him, Philippians chapter four. Thanks for the good feedback. I will be keeping it real then. :-)

  6. Okay, when I first read your blog title I thought you were being attacked by some varmin from Star Trek!! And now after reading Alece’s comment I have the song, “Come on Ride the Train” Woot, Woo!!! runing through my head…

    I guess now, maybe you have a sound track! HA!

  7. Livvy Lu – Now, I don’t know that I know that particular song… might have to do some YouTube surfing to see if I can find it so I can hear it.

  8. I LOVE IT!!!

    You’re adorable. Those dimples are so fun to watch and honestly, the smile never goes away? How amazing is that!?!?

    I’m looking forward to this new venture. I think once was enough for me (in making my own). It’s a bit scary…too many nerves to pull it off on a regular basis.

    Thanks for sharing you with us!!

  9. Oh that’s fantastic! Love it @ngie! So good to see you “in person.”
    Vlogs are fun. I would love to work out how to do this too, maybe something for later this year :)
    And HAPPY NEW YEAR and GOD BLESS to you and DaRonn and all your family for 2009.

  10. Michelle – Your vlog was great! Thanks for allowing me to share myself with you. It is not obligatory in the least and I appreciate your attention. Thank you!

    Birgit – So glad that you liked it. I had a alot of fun doing it. I would love to see vlogs from you! Happy New Year and Blessing to you as well! :-)

  11. Annie – I don’t know, but with eternity to fill I don’t think the travel to get from one place to another will be such a burden. Glad you loved it. :-)

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