Trail Mix

Now on with the crunchy, munchy mixed-up life I lead…

  • Tomorrow is King’s Day (El Dia de los Reyes) here in Bolivia. We remember the visit of the Magi with exchanges of gifts. January 6th officially marks the end of the holiday season and the start of the festivities surrounding Lent.
  • Carnaval is a three day celebration (still many weeks away) that is much like Mardi Gras. Leading up to this boisterous finale there are parties and traditions. One of those traditions is the throwing of water balloons in the streets at everyone. This has begun. Looking both ways before you cross takes on a whole new meaning at this time of the year.
  • In a matter of weeks I will be the mother of an 11 year old. Where does the time go?
  • In a matter of fewer weeks I will be the mother of three children that actually leave the house to go to school.
  • I wish it was in a matter of weeks that I would be the mother of a new daughter. We are getting more documents in order; things are not at a stand still in the adoption. We are still moving forward.
  • I am happy to announce that I am co-authoring a blog dedicated to the updates of The House of Dreams Orphanage that we founded over two years ago. You can visit, read, comment and subscribe here:
  • My husband walked me through how to get videos off the camera, edit them, add words and music, and how to save them so that they can be posted. Now all I need to do is practice.
  • And we shall end with a silly shot my dear husband grabbed unbeknown to yours truly.
... hubby did a surprise snap.
... hubby did a surprise snap.



11 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. bolivians seem to have very lively and festive spirits. i’m sure that is at times both wonderful and challenging.

    throw a water balloon for me!

  2. Have you ever heard of the children’s books about a girl named Eloise by Kay Thompson?
    When I read about throwing water balloons in the streets…for some reason I thought of those. I’m not entirely sure why.
    Happy King’s Day tomorrow!

  3. Happy Kings Day!! (And watch out for that balloon! ~ To be sung to “George, George, George of the jungle…watch out for that TREE!”)

    TImes are a changing! School is back in session now and it’s crazy! That is greatly due to the fact that we had 3 snow days the week before Christmas break AND the fact that I really BREAKED for Christmas (meaning NO WORK & ALL PLAY!!) which I’m sure I’ll pay greatly for this week! UGH! Oh well…it really was a GREAT break!

    OH! Got my Rosetta Stone in today…but probably shouldn’t start it until next Saturday. But will probably give it a whirl Wednesday or possibly Thursday, if I can fit it in!

    BIg hugs!!

  4. Alece – Would you believe that in the 7 years I have lived through this tradition I have not once thrown a water balloon? I don’t know… I guess I should be like if you can’t beat ’em join ’em. But when they are freezing them to inflict injury or filling them with mud mixed with car oil to leave a lasting mark I just can’t see being a part of it. Also it has something to do with speaking to the Pachamama god and asking her something so it has controversial overtones amongst the non-catholic believers. If I do throw a balloon it will be for you. :-)

    Annie – Thank you for your prayers.

    Mandie – I have heard of those books. Thanks! Happy Kings Day to you too.

    Thumbuddy – Never a dull moment.

    Libby – That is so great that you were able to really take a break. Let me know how it goes with that Spanish speakin’ business! :-)

    Carin – The water balloons go all the way through Carnaval – the great climax with TONS of water play everywhere! This year the Carnaval celebrations proper start on February 24; they will go for about 3 days. Yes, you will arrive smack dab in the middle of all the water balloon “fun” on the streets.

  5. Speaking about the 11 year old. Sooner or later it had to happen but I agree where did all the time go. It is strange seeing the oldest child become a woman because I have nothing to compare it to. With the younger children it was “I remember when Raimy did that” but with her there is nothing to compare it to.

    By the way I like your videos.

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