Wednesday Without Words

(…or Wordless Wednesday, or Wednesday’s Window, or whatever alliteration your heart desires to indicate that only a photo will be posted today.)

Lamp posts in Cochabamba


15 thoughts on “Wednesday Without Words

  1. What is it about Latin America and electricity?? I think they liked to get a little shocked every now and again!

    Maybe it was wiry messes like this why we now bury most of the cables here in the US!

  2. Brandy – Would you believe that this is a mild case of wire overload? It is amazing.

    Thumbuddy – I am glad you think it is cool.

    Carin – I was actually going for a picture of the church and then when I was going through my pictures I was appalled by how many wires there were… and by the fact that I didn’t even notice them there when I was taking the shot. But it is true, like you say, that the spire won out.

    Jutta – The picture on your WWW post is intriguing.

    Livvy Lu – That could very well be the reason everything is buried now in the States.

    Mo – Ha! I didn’t even think about that. Funny.

  3. Maybe it should be Wiry Wednesday. Anyway, I had to laugh at your comment about not noticing the wires until you looked at the photos later. When I teach new photography students that is one thing they need to learn is to look at every part of the frame not just the subject because they may miss something that will be distracting in the photograph (like cars or wires). Sometimes a simple perspective (vantage point) shift is all that is needed for a correction on spot. But in your case, you might be enwebbed in wires too much to compensate.

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