Vlog Home Tour

@ngie vids

Vlog: “Home Tour”

Song: “Big House” by Audio Adrenaline

Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia

Date: 16 of Jan. ’09



11 thoughts on “Vlog Home Tour

  1. I loved this! I love seeing where people live.

    I loved that the kids were all spread out doing their thing, that was great.

    You guys have a lot of space and a lot of storage :) It’s great how it’s like a “Christ Nation Ministries” compound. I’d love to hear the story of how you found the property, it seems just perfect for you guys. Is it perfect for you?

    Your appliances are so tiny. That was the only surpising thing to me.

  2. so great to see where you live life. i can’t get over how large all the rooms are! is that typical?

    (i couldn’t help but giggle at the screeching tires as you turned into your gate. i’d guess that’s a common noise there!)

  3. Thumbuddy – The appliances look tiny because the space is so huge. It is an optical illusion. :-) Ha! Actually they are really small. We are upgrading bit by bit. The property is perfect for right now. We are dreamers and schemers so I don’t see us here forever. The orphanage used to be where we are having the school starting this year. It is good that the orphanage has a great big place. We hope that the church grows to needing a nice big place of it’s own. We also hope the school will outgrow where it is at. Finally for our family we are also hoping to get a bigger house type place. Like I said, where we are now is perfect for us now. I hope that makes sense. Oh, and just for you I will tell about how we landed the place we are at in another blog. Good idea. :-)

    Roxx – C’mon over! You know you are welcome any time. And bring your crew with you too. :-)

    Mom – I thought you would like that. :-)

    Alece – Large rooms are typical for the places belonging to the more affluent. That sounds snobbish. All I can say is thank you to God for putting us in a spacious place. Oh, and the screeching tires are a common sound here. :-)

  4. Has the bank added more gates/fencing? Or maybe they just painted it a different color? It threw my memory for a loop!

    In just a few short months I’ll be there walking along side of ya! How fun!!

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing! Many things look the same as here….same type of stove, same water dispenser, same type of flooring! I need to start doing this, you are inspiring me to vlog!

  6. Carin – Oh, good!

    Libby – They added a big sign across the front and took out the sign on the post. Just a few months!!!

    Joy – Oh WOW! Vlogs from you would be such a treat!

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