Today it is raining. I am hoping that this climatic condition will make for shorter lines when I go to get my Bolivian i.d. card today. I am also hoping that the machine is in working order, that there is a qualified person to operate it and that there are no more hold ups in procuring this particular piece of plasticized paper.

Prayer is important. We are supposed to pray for our leaders. We are to submit to our leaders. Does this mean we are to understand our leaders? Rumors are floating around about a desire that some in leadership over this country would like to prohibit all international adoptions. We are not sure how this would affect our orphanage and more close to home our own adoption. We continue to pray for wisdom and appreciate that you would too.

Since there are no 3 or 4 year old little girls in our orphanage that are eligible for adoption at this time we are exploring a second option. A fellow missionary has an orphanage here in town that is older and larger than ours. They might have a child that we could adopt. We are wanting to move forward. This might be the route.

You like bullet points? You like to pray? Here you go:

  • That our original birth certificates sent to a physical address in the U.S. over two weeks ago would show up.
  • That our original marriage certificate would be processed and arrive with no problem.
  • That we would know when to push forward and when to wait.
  • That all our paper work could be done smoothly.
  • That the government and leaders of this country would allow us to adopt.
  • That it would be clear which little girl is ours.
  • That I would not lose my cool.


P.S. Thank you!


9 thoughts on “Lines

  1. Keep your cool, my sweet daughter. Your daughter will find you just like your fabulous property did.
    Breathe. All is well. God is at work for you. This I know.

  2. Am praying and know that God’s timing is so not ours. He’s the God of just in the niche of time!! I know He’s got your back. Now that patience thing….em, it’s a tad harder to come by! Will keep praying! :o)

    Big hugs!

  3. Alece – Thank you for being willing to help.

    Libby – Your prayers are greatly appreciated, as well as the hugs. :-)

    Carin – Was it that obvious? ;-) Yes, see you soon.

    Anita mi dulce amiga – Thank you.

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