Tuesday Tip #10 – Art Spot

Category: Parenting

Purpose: foster creativity, combat boredom, fine motor muscle development

Materials: a designated place in the house for art, arts and crafts supplies, organizational boxes or drawers

The success of this technique is: training the kids in proper use of the supplies, allowing that part of the house to be messy, valueing creativity and not worrying about doing it ‘right’ and keeping supplies on stock

ART SPOT: Let the kids do art. Simple as that. You won’t regret it.


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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip #10 – Art Spot

  1. Hi @ngie, I really like the idea you mention here of inspiring creativity freely. Imagination is so precious to nurture.
    I love your new photo up the top too! :)

  2. Ang,

    Of course I love this idea. For Ali’s small room we made a cupboard for her art supplies. I absolutely LOVE little plastic drawers to organize her stuff. We label them and she can keep the small area in order and use them easier. She uses them more since we got the drawers and they aren’t all in one basket.

  3. Anita la artista – Yes you would. We could sit and do art together you and I. :-)

    Carin – Thanks for noticing, I had fun making them.

    Em’ – It is amazing to me how much a motivator cleanliness and order is for children to play and create. It motivates me to motivate them to keep it neat. :-)

    Birgit – I am glad that you like the photo! Thanks!

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