Trail Mix

Now on with the crunchy, munchy, mixed-up life I lead…

  • Yesterday there was a nation wide vote on the implementation of a new constitution. The result was 61% in favor. What does this mean for Bolivia? I am asking that question right alongside you. It is not really clear, but it would seem that the president has more direct authority. Time will tell what he does with that authority.
  • During voting days (which are always on Sundays) driving and public meetings are among the things prohibited. This means we had to rearrange the weekly worship service of the church we pastor. Saturday night was a very good service.
  • Sunday I cut my boys’ hair and trimmed my girls’ hair. The girls wanted bangs. I thought that the bangs would make them look younger, but they look older.
  • They are ready for school to start one week from today (Feb. 2). Bolivian school year runs February to November. This week we will be purchasing school supplies and school clothes.
  • You know that infamous Bolivian i.d. card that I have been in the process of getting since the middle of December? Yeah, so, I don’t have it yet. Waited my turn for three hours on Tuesday was told to pick up the finished product Friday afternoon. Went back this morning, to give them a bit of leeway. Was told it was not ready yet and probably won’t be before Wednesday.
  • Friday Bill Hybels comes in. Saturday AM he will meet with 150 key pastors and leaders that we had the honor of selecting from all over Bolivia. Then we will have lunch with 12 people and him. In the afternoon he flies to Peru. Quick trip. I wish he could see more of the city, but we are glad to have him here nonetheless.
  • The kids have been enjoying printing off pages from this website that my mom referred them to:
  • Tuesday afternoon I am scheduled to meet face-to-face for the first time a met-on-the-net friend. I hope that it comes together. She and her husband are here in Bolivia for a whirlwind trip before they will be moving here from Canada with their kids in April as missionaries.
  • One of my friends here specifically prayed that in this adoption process doors would divinely be opened and closed. We had two more doors close this morning. The preschool aged girls from our friend’s orphanage are also assigned to families to be adopted just like the preschool aged girls in our orphanage. We just keep taking the steps we can. Thanks for praying that we make good choices.
  • We took care of my friends’ kids while they moved Friday and Saturday. That meant 7 kids from 2 years old to 10 years old here. It was a good time. I found myself thinking more than once: I could handle 7 kids.
  • Been thinking that I would like to have an iPod.
  • My two year old just gave me a huge hug and kiss and said, “I shyuv shyou”. The rest of my kids are sitting here in the living room talking. It is nice.


10 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. oooooh! meeting a met-on-the-net friend!! i also hope it comes together and i can’t wait to hear about it.

    there’s lots going on in that life and heart of yours. i’m thinking of you…

  2. Seven Kids! No sweat!? When there were that many around when you were growing up, my best tactic was “Don’t count the heads”. sometimes its easier not to know how many. ;-) !!!!!

  3. Michelle – Amen. I am grateful.

    Thumbuddy – Thanks. It really is exciting.

    Mom – Ah-ah. Cool trick. You’re a smart one.

    Alece – Thank you for reading between the lines.

  4. Oh my goodness you have a busy yet very exciting week!! And yeah…7 kids…I don’t think I could do that… but maybe I’m wrong. Although once you got ’em all working together along side of you…you would have a small army!! (Which you’d probably need to get the house all tidied up again!!)

  5. Libby Lu – You make me smile… small army is right. :-)

    Becky – It feels like I am just chatting and filling folks in. I am glad you like them. :-)

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